Eight paths to understanding

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It is important that people can understand these ideas as easily as possible because they are so positive and useful. But unfortunately they deal with the most complicated subject; consciousness. So the science is extremely complicated. But it is not necessary that every one knows everything about these ideas all at once or even ever to get something positive from them. The understanding of complex ideas, some counter intuitive, comes slowly. Different people learn differently so it is good to have different methods of learning.

The simplest way of understanding these ideas might be through stories that apply these ideas to people lives. This might be a place to start Your many different lives

The second way is through analogies with objects and ideas we are used to in everyday life.

The third way is the way many people have to learn a subject and this is randomly, in other words in bits and pieces.

The fourth way is by way of diagrams. see:Diagram superlist

The fifth way is a scientific way, where there are well organized concepts defined by new words, with proof, experiments, principles, laws, and an over all structure relating the parts to each other.

The sixth way is in converting these ideas into symbolic form that can be mathematically manipulated. We do this to simply the ideas, but unfortunately in doing so we make it more difficult to understand for most people who do not have the time or desire to learn a new technical language.

What this site will hopefully achieve are paths through the information that people can take based on the way they learn. They might start with a sequence of stories and then if their interest is great enough they can go into the scientific aspects of the theory. Or if they just want to see proofs of the these ideas they can go directly to a sequence of arguments that can be organized into a sequence that suits their needs.

There are many different "paths of understanding" that can be developed for the different age levels.

The fifth and sixth way of understanding these ideas allow for technology to apply them. This leads to the seventh way, that of technological understanding and application.

The eight way of understanding these ideas is the moral and social understanding of these ideas and their application. If we, as a society, never understand these ideas, we as a society of conscious beings will never progress very far beyond our current state and will die out as a society of conscious beings, sooner in time, rather than later, or even never. That sums up the power and important of some of these ideas.