Conscious Enhancement and Awaretheory

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Conscious Enhancement and Awaretheory

Larger brains can lead to enhancements in consciousness, ixperiencitness, sensual awareness and or skills
Different types enhancement can be achieved by combining the brain with artificial or non biological devices
One of the most important concepts in awaretheory is that consciousness can be greatly enhanced while maintaining the same ixperiencitness. This means for you that there can be many enhanced consciousnesses that you will experience when they are produced. There are many different types of conscious enhancements. For instance example extra senses, more different kinds of senses, enhanced senses enhanced intelligence, enhanced knowledge, enhanced ability to learn, enhanced skills, etc.

One of the most important concepts is that intelligence can be enhanced without changing the ixperiencitness produced by itobodies. This means that there can be many different awarepaths that you will experience when they are produced that are much more intelligent than you are now.
An itobody can be enhanced in many ways
For us to have the ability to continue to survive into the future we need to be consciously enhanced so that we can solve the problems that we will face. we may decide to spread conscious existence through the universe. Many of which will be conscious versions of of each of us that has our ixperiencitness or an enhanced version of our ixperiencitness that we will also experience but at a higher level of consciousness.

Some humans and animals do not see all the different colors. It is possible that humans with normal vision do not see all the different colors that can consciously exist either.
Enhancement can be goal orientated so what is enhancement from one conscious view point is not enhancement from another view point
The important ideas that awaretheory has to add to conscious enhancement is that enhanced conscious beings can have the same ixperiencitness as non enhanced consciousness beings. There are more enhanced versions of you than there are normal or degraded version of you.

The enhancement of the different kinds of memory is a type of enhancement that can be achieved with or without changing the ixperiencitness
It is possible that night vision could be produced by a biological sense
It is possible that with the enhancement of humans they too could have different or enhanced sense organs with the corresponding enhancement and integration into the brain

Dolphins have a sense like sonar and can feel electric magnetic fields of animals
Bats have a sense of echo location

Night vision is an artificial enhancement of the senses for the purpose of seeing infrared light
Enhancement of musical and other types of artistic skills can be accomplished with or without changing the ixperiencitness produced by the itobody



There are endless amounts of physical enhancements that can be applied to an itobody
Physical enhancements.jpg
Enhancements do not have to be directly connected to an itobody to enhance the abilities of the itobody
Main frame computer.jpg

Football catching1.jpg

Not only can consciousness, abilities, skills, senses, creativity, motivation, intelligence, etc., be enhanced so can the ixperiencitness itself be enhanced.
Enhancement brain.jpg
In many cases Ixperiencitness itself be enhanced where the original still experiences the consciousness produced.



Pages with images

The purpose of this section is to give different ways of looking at some of the ideas presented in awaretheory that are not just all words, definitions, or equations. Sometimes shorts statements with a picture can sometimes help in the understanding of new, different, complex, misunderstood, or forgotten ideas. The ideas in awaretheory can effect many other sciences, beliefs, ideas, And many of the new ideas in science mathematics and technology can effect some of the developing ideas in awaretheory.

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