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Supermortality is different from mortality. Mortality usually means that you die once, and that is the end of your conscious existence, but religions have come up with the idea of life after death. Frequently for these religions, life after death occurs once, and then you are immortal or permanently non-existent which is dependent on the whim of some supernatural being. Reincarnation is a type of supermortality because you die and come back to life many different times. But reincarnation predicts that you can come back to life as animals or other life forms that are not conscious. For instance, coming back to life as an insect. Insects, animals, and other life forms, if conscious at all are not conscious in the same ways as humans are; supermortality does, however, apply to all conscious beings, no matter how much or little they are conscious. This is because if you duplicate the structure and functioning of the consciousness producing part or parts of any conscious being, you will duplicate that being's consciousness and ixperiencitness.