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If you are looking for non scientific ideas, theories, or belief systems this is not the site for you. But if you want ideas and theories based on science that are logical, coherent, and more useful, interesting, positive, and amazing than any pseudoscience, plus you are willing to understand these ideas, you will not be disappointed in what you learn. I am not saying that everyone has the interest, capacity, or mental flexibility, to understand these new scientific concepts. But if you are reading this and are understanding what I am saying here you likely can understand much of ideas involved. Even though these ideas can't be called a pseudoscience they can go a long way in explaining them. The most likely reason that a person will not try to understand these ideas is skepticism. Skepticism is a good thing. It is not just that we know to little but that we know and use too much incorrect information.

What multiplicity of conscious existence allows for are awarepaths to exist where the pseudosciences actually exist as real sciences. What this means is that physipaths can be made where they produce awarepaths that you actually experience such things as reading other peoples minds, or moving physical objects mentally, or experiencing going to and being in heaven etc.. A pseudoscience can exist as real science in a pseudoreality created in an experience machine or awarepaducer.

What makes for a pseudoscience is wishful thinking. Not all knowledge is controlling or manipulating knowledge for a specific reality, or knowledge that will help achieve goals about controlling the reality that you exist in.