Potential versions of you

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The concept of "Potential versions of you" is based on the belief that you could have been doing almost anything other than what you have done in your life. If you would have been doing different things you would have had a different physipath. This different physipath would have produced a different awarepath. From your current perspective all the things that you could do in the future are potential versions of you. The physical aspect of each potential version of you corresponds to a physipath. There is only one actual physipath that corresponds to your life up to now. There will be one actual physipath that will correspond to the rest of your life. All the potential versions of you, correspond to physipaths that are theoretically creatable because they are just different sequences of possible structures and functionings that center on the structure and functioning of the original's physapath. Consequently, the corresponding awarepaths are producible as well.

Any physipath that would have produced your ixperiencitness during your life, will produce your ixperiencitness again if the corresponding physipath is created by any means.

These potential awarepaths or potential versions of you can be created with a different structure and functioning by fidentireplicas, isoidentireplicas, awarepaducers, insidentireplicas, and musidentireplicas. They can even produce consciousnesses that you will experience, that could not have been created under any circumstances by your original body. This is especially true with enhaidentireplicas that produce enhanced conscious versions of you.