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Insanalogy is an analogy about insidentireplicas and insawarepaths. There are a number of insanalogies about the insiprinciples and insiexperiments. There are two types of insanalogies the first is about conscious producing physipaths within conscious producing physipaths. And the second type is consciously independent awarepaths within awarepaths. There are two categories under each of these categories. These two categories are aware and unaware. One can be aware of the other or visa versa. neither can be aware of each other or both can be aware of each other there can be degrees of awareness of each other that does not have to be equal.

There exist pseudoinsawarepaths where the awarepath believes that there is an awarepath inside itself but in fact there is not; it is an illusion of the awarepath or part of the consciousness itself.

A simple physipath/ physipath insanalogy is a dvd player that has within it another dvd player both playing a different movie. Neither movie interacts with each other.

A possible awarepath/ awarepath insanalogy is a movie with a movie playing in it.