How the subjective view of self interferes with the objective view of what we are?

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How the subjective view of self interferes with the objective view of what we actually are? How the subjective view of self interferes with the objective view of what we are?

One of the reasons that the ideas that awaretheory proposes are not more popular and wide spread is that our subjective view of self gets in the way of understanding of what we actually are. Many people see themselves as what they experience at any particular period of time. A theory of immortality or life after death then has to tie that conscious moment or short period of consciousness to other future conscious moments. The problem is that the conscious moment is always changing. Is it you if after death a continuation of your conscious self is produced from a period in your life twenty years before your death? Is it you if this conscious continuation of you from a earlier period in your life leads a different life than you had from that point on? What if from that divergent point the consciousness produced is exactly like the original you's consciousness but he manges to live much longer than the original you, is that extension something you experience?

Multiplicity get in the way of the concept of self. Many people see themselves as a singular body or a singular body with a singular soul. This is radically different than what awaretheory proposes. Awaretheory proposes that there are a very large number of ways that matter can be structured and then function that will produce a consciousness that you experience even when they are produced at the same time. This implies that you are much more than a singular body and a singular line of consciousness produced by that body. But our subjective view point gives us this very perspective. Awaretheory does predict that there are consciousnesses that we can experience that gives us a multiple perspective of the self. The phase multiple perspective of the self seems contradictory because the definition of the word "self" has a singular meaning. We usually do not say "myselves" or "yourselves" (in the singular sense) we see ourselves as singular and distinct from other selves because we see ourself as a body.

Imagine seeing yourself as several bodies at once, where you sense everything they do and control their actions just like you do normally with one body. It is hard enough to control one body but if your consciousness was at a higher level where most of the decision making and processing of sensual information was at an unconscious level it would then be a conceivable consciousness. So is an enhancement of your consciousness where you actually experience each body like you do your own singular body and then there is a consciousness that you experience that ties together the different body experiences into a whole consciousness.