How are the ideas in awaretheory different from resurrection?

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How are the ideas in awaretheory different from the religious ideas of resurrection?

The concept of resurrection is usually based on religious ideas that a god can and will reunite the the necessary parts of your body, sometime after death, thus recreating your body consequently, you will be animate and conscious again. Awaretheory's predictions about life after death and immortality are very different from religious ideas about resurrection. Awaretheory is a scientific theory of life after death and immortality that does not require any supernatural entities like gods or souls etc.

Resurrection theories require the same body matter at death of the person or at least most parts of it. Awaretheory does not require the same matter. Awaretheory is concerned with the structure and functioning of matter not the specific matter of a body. This is a modern scientific view that has been slowly developed as we have started to understand the complexity of the body. There is no real scientific reason that a specific body has some supernatural ability to produce one consciousness and no other. Or more specifically using awaretheory's terminology no matter how we look at a body we have not found any way specific matter can produce one ixperiencitness over another ixperiencitness through the specific atoms that are in the body. In other words atoms of the same functioning type are interchangeable in making consciousness and ixperiencitness. Awaretheory predicts that if the structure and functioning of matter and energy is the same in a duplicate over time the consciousness and ixperiencitness is the same as well over that period of time. This means that there can be (at least theoretically) many different bodies producing the same consciousness and ixperiencitness at the same time. Most if not all resurrection theories do not allow this to the case, they insist on the individuality and uniqueness of the self. Again, there is nothing in matter that makes it unique to only producing one ixperiencitness and consciousness. This is why there is usually a supernatural entity that religions add to the body like a soul to maintain uniqueness. Where religions maybe want and need uniqueness in their theory, awaretheory sees much greater utility in multiplicity of the self. Awaretheory postulates that each of us are much more than our simple conscious moment that we are currently experiencing. This means other conscious beings can be different versions of you. This simple fact ties people together because hurting others can be hurting versions of yourself.

Awaretheory predicts that there can exist an extremely large amount of different versions of each person or ixperiencitness. Many of these versions can be amazingly wonderful in many different ways and others can be awful with suffering and fear. Awaretheory predicts that there can be many enhanced (and degraded) versions of each of us. Through our advances in science and technology we can have greater control of which of these different consciousnesses (awarepaths) get produced in the future. Awaretheory gives us a much better belief system about immortality and life after death than any religion because it is more scientific, true, complete, and useful than any other theory. And it allows us improved and enhanced versions of ourselves to help create and control this knowledge wisely. Enhanced versions of ourselves can be like angels are to religious believers in the sense that they can help make better lives for us. What you experience at any instance is only a very small part of the total of what you actually are.

Resurrection theories do not allow for this. Often they are anti-science, anti-knowledge, and anti-rational thought. We have a choice either to make our own positive future or to stay in the dark ages of ideas!