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The word coriginal is made from the first letter of conceivable with the word original. A coriginal is a conceivable original. A coriginal has the same relationship to the videntireplica as the original has to the cidentireplica. Where an original has a physipath, physapath, mentapath, awarepath epipath, and a ixpepath that corresponds to it, so does the coriginal. The physipath that corresponds to an original is an oriphysipath that to a coriginal is a coriphysipath. Similarly, the original's awarepath is the oriawarepath, and the coriginal's awarepath is called the coriawarepath.

A videntireplica is to the cidentireplica as the coriginal is to the original. The coriginal is an actual original but a imaginable variation of the original. If you are the original a coriginal would be you leading a different life than you have had. It can be very slightly different life to very different life. Usually, the coriginal has the ixperiencitness of the original.

What reasons do we have for believing that there could have been a different version that you could or would have experienced if your sensepath and externapath would have been different? If you could have been just one possible past physapath or structure and functioning would this not also imply that you can only be one future physapath as well? if this is the case, If the sensepath or externapath is different than it would have been other wise your ixperiencitness would no longer exist. This would mean that your ixperiencitpath is tied to only one awarepath, and it is tied to that awarepath only once. This is because most people believe that your awarepath can only exist once or if it exists again or at the same time it is someone else's ixpepath.

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