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The brain is what we think produces our consciousness. We do not have any scientific evidence that something else does. However, many people do not believe that matter can produce consciousness. The "magical" qualities of matter are underestimated. The more we learn about what matter and energy can do, the more amazed we become. We know that matter can produce extremely complicated behavior, behavior that reports about consciousness. The functioning of matter, is different than matter without functioning or change.

Consciousness and ixperiencitness are very likely emergent properties of the functioning of matter.

The brain is an awarepaducer, that is extremely complex. It can have an almost innumerable amount of different structures, and then can function in an even larger amount of different ways.

None the less, it can be larger, be structured in many more different ways, connected to many different kinds of senses and electronic devices, and produce many more different and more complex awarepaths. This is because of the more complex functioning it will be producing. What the science of psychexistology predicts is that many of these different superawarepaths you personelly will experience as yours. They are part of your ixperiencitness. Just like what you are experiencing now, before or later in you life.

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