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A vitovenue is a grouping of vitopaths. Vitopaths can be grouped in may different ways depending on the way the awarevenue is used. for instance it can be all the vitophysipaths that produce the same consciousness, or vitoawarepaths that have the same ixperiencitness. It could also be a sub group such as all the vitoawarepaths that are positive or ones that the original would want to experience.

The concept of the vitovenue is based on the concept of the original. If you change the original you can change which itopaths are vitopaths and which paths are citopaths.

Two different originals can share the same set of vitopaths

Vitovenue is a grouping name for Vitophysivenue, Vitophysavenue, Vitoawarevenue, Vitomentavenue, Vitoixpevenue, and Vitoepivenue.