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Mathematics of conscious survival is different from the survival of the body, culture, belief system, species, race, community, family, specific genes, systems of genetic material, memories of you, conscious survival is the continuation of you.

There are different kinds of survival the most important for the individual himself is conscious survival. This is where the original continues to experience life. It is not body survival because your body can continue to exist and be alive with out it producing any consciousness, or it produces a consciousness that you do not experience.

The mathematics of conscious survival is the mathematical representation of the concepts dealing with conscious existence, and the mathematical situations where you will continue to experience conscious existence.

We know that we are more than just a body. Our body creates the complexity that allows us to understand that we are more than just a body. although our conscious existence is tied to bodies it is not tied to a singular body or to a linear singular progression of bodies or supernatural objects like a souls over time.

The mathematics of conscious survival is the way to represent complex scientific ideas about conscious survival in symbolic mathematical form. Putting complex scientific ideas into mathematical form has many important consequences. When numbers and well defined symbols are used there can be ever increasing exactness. Mathematics can simplify complex and convoluted literary expressions. Many new ideas can be generated through the manipulation of the symbols in equations. It gives an alternative route to understanding complex ideas.

The Mathematics of conscious survival is different from the Mathematics of immortality. Since the word immortality can have different meanings the Mathematics of immortality can have many different meanings as well. One definition is the body never dying. The mathematics of immortality in this sense is the representing ideas about keeping the body alive for ever. This is really limited because a person body could be kept alive forever when the person is forever in a coma. This is not conscious existence for the person because he is not conscious.

The definition that we will use is that if a person has conscious immortality there will never be a time where he cannot experience conscious existence again at a near human or higher level of conscious experience. The mathematics of immortality using this definition is about what it takes to continue to be conscious in the way you are now or conscious in enhanced ways.

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