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Itomapping is the process of making an itomap.

Itomapping is the grouping name for Orimapping, Idomapping, Citomapping, Vitomapping, Fitomapping, Enhamapping, Isomapping, Biomapping, Musmapping, Tritomapping, Combomapping, Simimapping,

Scientists make maps of elevation, soil types, climate, weather, stars etc. In thes types of maps you have a place tied to one or more concepts like rainfall and soil type. With itomapping you link a point, line, region, on one itomap (like a physacontinuum) to the same on another different itomap (like an awarecontinuum.

Examples of types of itomapping:

The mapping usually goes both ways it does not matter which itoconcept that you start with.

A physacontinuum can be mapped to an awarecontinuum.

A ixpecontinuum can be mapped to awarecontinuum

awaremoment to physimoment

physipath to awarepath

ixpepath to an awarevenue

An itomapping shows what set of material bodies will produce a particular consciousness or ixperiencitness. Itomaps can map out, if the information is available, when and where you did exist in the universe. And will tell you which physipaths will produce you in the future, if they are produced. What is nice about maps is that you can extrapolate between known knowledge points to produce new knowledge. The same can be done with a properly constructed itocontinuum.

Itomapping equations deals with the symbolic and mathematical representation of itomapping.

Itomapping principles are principles that deal with the process of itomapping.

Awarepath physapath mapping.jpg

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