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Iso is the prefix for the concept of isomorphic structures and functioning, usually of a non biological nature using NRDs or PNRDs. Some examples of the use of this prefix are: isopath, isoregion, episopath, and isoawarepath.

"Ito" is the grouping prefix name for the 14 prefixes dealing with the 14 major types of itobodies that produce consciousness. They are: ori, ido, cori, cito, vito, fito, iso, enha, mus, insi, trito, nrg, combo, and simi.

Other related prefixes and suffixes are:

"Faz" is the grouping prefix name for the 8 prefixes:[[behavior] physi, physa, neuro, aware, menta, ixpe, and epi.

"Space" is the grouping suffix name for the 10 suffixes: point, part, moment, section, path, venue, region, and continuum, multicontinuum,

Itofazspace superlist is a list of related concepts.