Enhanced human ixperiencitness

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Enhanced human consciousness is easier to understand than enhanced human ixperiencitness because we understand what it is like to be less conscious because we experience all sorts of levels of human consciousness through out our lives. When when a person is tired he can't seem to understand or concentrate as well. We seem to be at a lower level of conscious awareness in many situation in life like when we are influenced by different chemicals (alcohol, drugs) or lack of needed chemical like food or vitamins. Sometimes in life we feel really sharp or aware. Between these two extremes there is either enhancement or degradation of consciousness. It appears that enhancement is produced by more of the brain functioning at a time or functioning in better ways. It can also be that certain areas of the brain or certain sets of neurons through the brain are what produces greater consciousness. Another possibility in certain cases is the bain is producing a certain type of functioning that just make us think that we are more conscious sometimes than others.

Enhanced human ixperiencitness can seem like enhanced human consciousness in many cases but they have different properties. Ixperiencitness ties different consciousness together. It makes the understanding of life after death and immortality scientifically possible. What concept ties different ixperiencitnesses together. An enhanced ixperiencitness is different that the ixperiencitness before it was enhanced. The same is true with a degraded ixperiencitness, it is different from the ixperiencitness before it was degraded. Ixperiencitnesses can also be different percentage wise as in 99% identical.

There are many possible enhancements to the ixperiencitness some seem to overlap enhancement of consciousness. One example is experiencing two (or more) different consciousnesses at the same time. This can be as only an observer but it can also be interactive where you are actually making the decisions in real time. It is hard to imagine controlling two human bodies at once. This is because of the attention issues. Imagine driving two different cars in two different environments at the same time. It can be done but it requires the ability to control two or more bodies at once. The brain would need to be modified and maybe increased in the number of neurons and their interconnections in order to do this. This is likely an enhancement of the ixperiencitness and an increase or enhancement of consciousness.