Citobehavior equations

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Citobehavior equations are equations that deal with the interrelationships of the different types of behavior of cidentireplicas.

An example of a citobehavior equation is the:

Transitive Spacial Citobehavior Equation

Any cidentireplica traveling through any path through space will have an identical behavior to that produced by any different cidentireplica traveling a different path through space, if , for every point on the path. This equation represents the Principle of Transitive Spacial Citobehavior.

Specific case Equation

This is the specific case of citobehavior. It states that the original with a specific materiality and place will have the behavior of a cidentireplica with a different specific materiality and placement when all the other conditions are met.

General case Equation

This equation is the mathematical representation of principle 2 of the first chapter. The cidentireplica if made of different matter (E m rather than En ) , and in a different space (D2 rather than D1,) if it had the same structure S , in the same time T, and functioning the same F, will have the same behavior.

The equation is true at time t=0 after t=0 the original can function any divergent way from that of the cidentireplica. Because the functioning is not specified.

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