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VCR analogy

"VCR" is an acronym for video cassette recorders. They record and play video cassettes for the purpose of storing video and audio information such as movies, television shows, etc.

Analogies are useful in understanding new and different ideas and concepts
VCR (video cassette recorder) is like the body in awaretheory analogies
Awaretheory contains many different scientific ideas and concepts about consciousness, ixperiencitness, conscious existence through time, multiplicity of conscious existence, life after death, immortality etc. Many of these ideas are not what people have been lead to believe through their religion, their culture, philosophy, or even from science. Consequently, it is not always easy to understand these ideas. Analogies to things that we are more familiar with sometimes can make the understanding of the awaretheory's ideas easier.
The movie or program that is on a VCR tape or being played on the tape recorder is not the VCR tape. If you look at the tape with your eyes you do not see the movie or program that is on the tape you see a magnetic tape in a cartridge that holds the tape rolled up together. The first consciousness / body analogy to a VCR tape and the information on it is that we do not see the consciousness that is produced by the body by looking at it, or see the consciousness produced by the brain when we look at the brain. Nonetheless the brain through its structure and functioning produces consciousness.

Your body is analogous to the the video tape recorder (VCR). Your consciousness at any moment is analogous to the "show" that is being played at any instant.
The video cassette tape records information on magnetic tape in the form of 0s, and 1s. It plays the part of the sensepath
We can use the analogy of our life being a long movie on a VCR tape, then when played, the tape progresses over time just like our lives progress over time.
A point in the movie is like a point in your conscious life. Your consciousness seems to travel or flow from moment to moment just like the show that is being viewed is progressing from scene to scene or moment to moment. When the movie is not being played it is like a person being unconscious, dead or in a coma.
What you are at this moment is like a moment on that VCR tape or on the movie film. You can see your whole life as one tape. It can be played by many different VCR players through out space and time and can be modified in many different ways but it would still be your life.

A movie projector can be used in the same way as a VCR tape recorder in awaretheory analogies
The movie film can be used in the same way as a VCR tape in awaretheory analogies

There is no soul or supernatural concept required to transport your conscious existence from body to body. What is required is the right structure and functioning of matter being produced in another human body, itobody or itocomponent. This is analogous to how different VCR tape recorders can play the same movies with different VCR tape recorders and different VHF tapes in many different places and times.

A DVD disk and DVD player can be viewed in the same kind of analogy. But it is not as easy to see the linear analogy in a DVD disk as for the motion picture film or magnetic VCR tape.

A Dvd player can be used in the same way as a VCR tape recorder in awaretheory analogies
A Dvd disk can be used in the same way as a VCR tape in awaretheory analogies

The concept of the itobody is analogous to the concept that that the same movie can be produce by different types of VCRs and video cassette tapes. This means that different types of itobodies can produce your consciousness (awarepath).

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