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Utopia 5.jpg

Because many different awarepaths can have the same ixperiencitness or ixpepath, there are many potential wonderful or utopian awaresections or awarepathss for each actual person or other consciousness being that exists now or has existed in the past or will exist in the future. Since there are many different viewpoints on what is a wonderful or utopian awarepath there will be many different wonderful or utopian potential awarepaths for each ixperiencitness. From some viewpoints a utopian life might be a life of adventure. Whereas for others it might be a life with magical, novel, or science fiction like experiences. Still others might just want a normal but less stressful and less painful life time that contains friends, family, and loved ones. We can work toward producing these different desired awarepaths through science, technology, and cooperation.

Future paths.jpg

There is not just one path that we can travel at one time but many different paths. There are awarepaths that can see more than one conscious path at a time.

One of the things that makes life more utopian than most people realize is that, no matter how bad death is it is not necessarily permanent or necessarily all bad or undesired. Death can get us out of difficult and awful situations that are producing awaresections or awarepaths that should never be produced. Even though some awarepaths should never be produced they should be known about by other awarepaths for many different reasons. Awarepaths can be known about by other awarepaths, with and without the same ixperiencitness, while not actually experiencing all of the difficult aspects of the awarepath.