Undesirability of immortality

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Undesirability of immortality

Awaretheory shows that there are many different types of immortality. Some types of immortality are undesirable and some are not. Just like it appears that some life times of people are desirable and some are terrible. It seems that there are two factors at work first the desire not to die, and the second to have a good life no matter how long that life is. The religious concept of hell is one form of immortality that is not desirable. Most people would prefer to be dead permanently than to experience horrible pain forever. But the concept of pain can be replaced with any number of other undesirable experiences --- like endless bordom, depression, sadness, inactivity, envy, jealously or a combination of any or all of the undesirable experiences that can be suffered through. But just like life immortality can be imagined to be better than this. One obviously simple good form of immortality is taking a good life and repeating it over and over again endlessly. This good life would not be aware of the repetition any more than you would presently be aware that your life has repeated over an endless amount of times. We can also imagine taking out chunks of repetitions of this good life. Is this immortality if you only experience conscious existence intermittently forever or endlessly?

Immortality can also be looked at as experiencing everything that you can possibly experience, the good and the bad just like in life. The question is what are all the possible things that you can experience? Even though what you can experience is like a extremely large amount of different conscious experiences it is still a finite amount and would take a finite amount of time to experience. If you were to exist for an infinite amount of time your experiences would have to be repeated over and over again. Unless there were a finite amount of infinitely long periods of time where you were not conscious or experiencing anything. Or there were an infinite amount of finite length periods of time where you were not conscious.

There is nothing in immortality that means that you have to know that you are immortal. If you were or are immortal how would you know it? What evidence is proof of or for immortality? The only real evidence besides hearsay that most people have for their immortality is having no memory of actually dying. Usually immortality means never dying because mortal means that you eventually die. Many religions have a different perspective, for them you can die and still be immortal. Awaretheory, which is completely based on science, and not based on any kind of supernatural concepts like souls, gods reincarnation, etc., essentially predicts also that you can die and still be immortal in many different desirable ways.

One of the best things about awaretheory is that your immortality can be based or dependent on your own efforts. Not all forms of immortality are bad. It is every person's and conscious being's responsibility (if they can) to determine what experiences to include in their many different lives and which to avoid as much as possible. This is not easy. It can be more difficult than simple survival in this life. You and the other many versions of you not only have to plan for this and your other present lives but also to plan for the many lives that you can experience in the future that can occur in the future only if conscious being survive into the future. If we count on gods that do not exist to control our lives we are speeding down a road with no driver. We are told that one or more gods exist and care about us. What if they do not care about about us? Many religions believe in gods that are out to harm us. If we count on gods that want to harm us it is like we are flying in an hydrogen bomb missile with controllers that are going to crash us for their enjoyment. We have to use our intelligence to survive through time and we have to use science and technology for that purpose. When we use rationality, experimentation, and creativity with the best of our abilities, and make it coherent with the rest of science and mathematics immortality and desirable immortality are obtainable.