Under what conditions will you experience the exact same consciousness

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Under what conditions will you experience the exact same consciousness? If you consider yourself, just as your current body, the answer is: get your body to produce the exact same structure and functioning (S&F) that it has when it produced the consciousness you wish to duplicate. But when you think of the situation scientifically you realize the near impossibility of doing this. So you then ask the question like you do in calculus (limits) [1] [2] [[3]] and other areas of scientific approximation: "What if I do not get the structure and functioning of the duplicate body exactly the same? " This is what the concept of videntireplicas is all about. If you approximate the S&F closely enough you get the exact same consciousness. If the variation is greater but still close, you get a version of your own consciousness. If the difference is still greater you get someone else's consciousness.

There are many chaotic versions of consciousness that will be produced in between the more normal versions of consciousness. This continuum of all possible divergences in S&F, from that of the original, that can exist, is called the physicontinuum. The consciousnesses that maps to the physicontinuum is called the awarecontinuum.

If we now have this system of mapping of all physipaths to all awarepaths buy way of the physicontinuum /awarecontinuum mapping concept, how does this apply to other bodies besides your own? The simplest answer is exactly the same. A different body made of some or all different matter and energy, in the same or different place, and in the same or different time will produce the exact some consciousness when the structure and functioning of the bodies are the same.