The pharaoh's afterlife

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The egyptian pharaohs went to great trouble and expense to create an after life for themselves. How can the ideas in awaretheory be applied to this situation? For most current belief systems the pharaohs consciousness or ixperiencitness is not going to ever exist again. This is based on religious beliefs. Simply put pharoahs had the wrong religion. Many religions promise some form of immortality for their believers. The caveat is that they must be a member of that particular religion and perform certain required behaviors. The quality of the immortality may be enhanced by the deeds of the people involved. This is why many christians save the body because it is believed necessary for resurrection. Most religions need some form of god like being or other supernatural help to create life after death and immortality. And many times a supernatural object like a soul to convey individuality and uniqueness to a person that exists beyond the body itself.

On the other hand there are the nonreligious or other belief systems that propose and believe that once you are dead that is the permanent end of your consciousness or ixperiencitness. They base this on the evidence that there does not appear to be gods or souls and these supernatural entities seem to be necessary for immortality. The most obvious fact is that it is not something that people ever see that is, people that are dead being reanimated (except in stories). Once dead you stay dead and your body disintegrates.

How then does awaretheory effect this? If you start with the premise that awaretheory does that the structure and functioning of the brain produces consciousness with out any supernatural entities like a soul or mind substance you have an experimentally testable scientific theory. If the structure and functioning of the brain over time or the neuropath as awaretheory calls it, produces a specific consciousness once, it is likely given the same physical conditions that it will produce the same consciousness again. Science shows over and over again that matter of the same functioning type is interchangeable in producing outcomes, properties, and desired goals. Consequently awaretheory predicts that if you duplicate the structure and functioning of matter or neuropath with different matter in a different place and or time you will duplicate the same consciousness. You might agree with this but then argue that it is only a replica thus a different person. Obviously it is a different person. The real question is does this different person have the same ixperiencitness? Awaretheory predicts that this cidentireplica will have the same ixperiencitness as the original.

How does this apply to the pharaoh's afterlife? What is necessary for any specific pharaoh to have an after life is to produce the pharaoh's ixperiencitness in a different body or the same body if that is more convient. There are many different physipaths, physapaths, and neuropaths that will produce a consciousness (awarepath) that will have the pharaoh's ixperiencitness. You might object and say that there are two missing factors that I am not considering and they are the knowledge factor and the production or technology factor. The knowledge factor (epipath) is knowing what to make and the production factor is knowing how to use the knowledge with technology to produce the itobody (human body). We do not know (currently) what the structure and functioning of the pharaoh's body is but his does not mean that we will never know. It will be different at each point in his life. There are an extremely large amount of structures and functioning of the human brain but it is still a finite amount. There are many different ways to organize, simplify, and group knowledge about ixpepaths, epipaths, and neuropaths. What else will conscious beings do scientifically when they know everything else there is to know about the universe and have advanced technology like smart computers and near infinite information storage devices? We do not know how advanced our technology will become and the abilities that it will give us, but we already produce random conscious beings biologically through birth and their subsequent development over time there are many ways to influence the structure and functioning of developing human brains. We do it all the times deliberately through processes like education, vacations, human interactions, drugs, etc.

We can imagine and design the pharaoh after life. First you have to decide what point in the life of the pharaoh you want to start his after life at. Then you need to determine what sensepath or environmental experiences he has and in what sequence he will have them in. It all comes down to an extending awarepath with the pharaoh's ixperiencitness being produced. I can imagine an extremely large amount of different awarepaths that he could experience. There are many that are a fulfillment of his religious beliefs of an endless god like afterlife. But there is also many where he is just thrown into our current reality with planes, cars, computers, and television, where is he just one of 7 billion other people not a god or a ruler but maybe a dishwasher or a scientist specializing in egyptian history and culture. The pharaoh gets his after life but it will be produced by other conscious beings maybe enhanced but not by the gods of his religion. But he still could experience the gods of his religion as part of his sensepath of created or designed experiences meant for him by his conscious creators (us or other versions of himself) over time.