The complexity of the scientific study of immortality

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When an area of intrest becomes studied scientifically it becomes more and more complex almost with out exception. Awaretheory web site among other things is a scientific study of immortality of conscious beings. Most religions have relatively simple theories of immortality that are not based on science but on wishful thinking. On the other extreme there are groups of people that do not believe that immortality is likely or even possible. Immortality based on science is much more complex than these two view points. The awaretheory web site with it tens of thousand of pages of scientific ideas shows that the science of immortality is very complex. Awaretheory is in just the beginning of of the complex development of the sciences dealing with immortality and consciousness. What awaretheory has found is that there are many different types of immortality. To understand immortality and life after death scientifically you need more than just the concept of the person you need another concept that awaretheory calls ixperiencitness pronounced "I experience it ness". This is what conscious existence is all about: Do I experience a consciousness or not?, What are all of the consciousnesses that I can experience?, and How are they produced?

There can be immortality in general for most ixperiencitnesses (people). But there can also be the cases where there are many possible different consciousnesses for a ixperiencitness but they never get produced. Awaretheory also adds the factor that what you do can effect what you will experience after the death of your current body. This might sound like reincarnation but it is not. Reincarnation assumes a natural automatic process usually of a singular soul like thing progressing through time and animal or human bodies. Awaretheory is entirely different. It is based on the structure and functioning of matter. There are many different ways that matter can produce consciousness. There are many different ways that matter can form these different structures that produce consciousness. The ways can be random or deliberately produced by other conscious beings. Rather than a singular conscious self (proposed by most theories of immortality), that can be immortal or not, awaretheory predicts the possible multiplicity of of many possible versions of each ixperiencitness exiting at any one time.