Technology and Awaretheory

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Technology and Awaretheory

Awaretheory is based on science. It is science. It is understandable science that can be represented mathematically. Awaretheory does not contradict any part of science but it does look at the the facts with out the normal supernatural perspectives that humans view themselves. Singularity of ones conscious self is an egocentric view point that most people believe usually on faith based emotional experiences.
Technology can be used to produce many desired consciousnesses and ixperiencitnesses that can be used to produce more knowledge and technology to produce more difficult to produce consciousnesses and ixperiencitnesses. This process can go on indefinitely into the future. What awaretheory predicts is that those future produced advanced consciousnesses can have our ixperiencitness or enhanced versions of our ixpereincitnesses

Science requires tools to see the many different aspects of the universe
Through the understanding of breeding by humans came diversity within animals and plant species which is just a slow form of genetic engineering
With technology we have changed the consciousness that people experience. We once sat around a fire and told stories to each other now we are told stories with pictures in a warm house on large screen TVs. We once went into the environment and hunted for food now we sit in a chair and hunt for zombies on a video game. We want to experience new and different things. Awaretheory says that there are an endless amount of ways that the brain can be structured and then be stimulated to function producing many differnet consciousnesses that reality alone can't produce. This concept of producing novel awarepaths is based on the idea of the experience machine or itofazpaducer. As our technology improves we will be able to make more and better desired experiences.
We may not need all that technology can give us but it can stimulate our imaginations
Technology has made travel and all the joys of seeing different parts of the world easier

The concept of expereince machines is not new it was proposed by Descartes in his book "Meditations on First Philosophy". And imagined by Plato. What is different with awaretheory is that the different awarepaths that technology can produce can have your ixperiencitness any time that they are created in the future. This means that you do not necessarily have to miss out of experiencing these types of consciousnesses. There is a price to pay, that is mankind or the equivalent has to survive to continue to produce consciousnesses and eventually advanced technology created consciousnesses. If conscious beings destroy themselves then there wont be conscious existence for you in the future past your current bodies death. The price to pay is the work necessary to take care of the world that we live in. We do this with knowledge that we gain from the advancement of science and rational skeptical yet open minded problem solving.

Can animals be made with human ixperiencitnesses but with enhanced animal consciousnesses?

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We do not have to make or maintain every possible plant or animal that can exist through bio- technology but we can have the knowledge about every possible life form and their ecology for use when every they may be needed or desired

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Bio- engineering scares some people but it can make our lives better and more beautiful



  • Technology can be used to make versions of ourselves that have our ixperiencitness
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  • The pursuit of knowledge needs good tools

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  • Music is better with technology

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