Subjective Evidence of Multiplicity

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Subjective Evidence of Multiplicity

We know that the more complex the structure and functioning of an animals brain is the more likely it is to have more skills and abilities. Man having a large brain to body size have many skills that other animals do not. However, when the brain of a human does not have the correct structure and functioning it can be in a coma or be retarded. Even though the human brain is relatively large
It is possible that the structure and functioning of matter can be complex enough to produce a consciousness where it can actually be two or more different consciousness independent but observed with a unified consciousness.
A multiple consciousness observent ixperiencitness could tell if two or more consciousnesses were identical and had the same ixperiencitness

Being subjectively aware of something means sensing it being true. You sense that you are not someone else because you do not sense what they are sensing. Just because you experience something does not means it is an accurate representation of reality. For instance, when you observe a pencil before you put it in a glass of water it is straight. When it is in the water it looks bent. And after you remove it out of the water it looks straight again. It may be that water is magical and can bend and straighten the pencil or it can be like science says; an optical illusion produced by the bending of light.

If a consciousness could observe other consciousnesses and see if the ixperiencitnesses were the same this would be a case of subjective proof for multiplicity
Seeing multiple screen TVs working at the same time is an analogy to seeing multiple different sensepaths or consciousnesses at the same time

Just because you can see that two different itobodies are producing the same consciousness and ixperiencitness at the same time does not mean that we actually have two consciousness that are identical with the same ixperiencitness. Because a consciousness can be manipulated in all sorts of ways to make it believe all sorts of different things. Nonetheless this process can be used in many different ways to gather much knowledge about other consciousnesses and ixperiencitnesses when used in the proper experiments.

Two pictures seen together is an analogous of seeing two different awaremoments together
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A persons awarepath can be rendered as a sensepath with a few additions like hearing that inner voice talking to yourself and having none sensepath like emotions like hate, sympathy, sadness, love etc. This is called the emotionpath. planingpath imagingpath dreampath

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The more that we learn about the universe the more it seems that everything in nature is duplicatable. Why should experiences, consciousness and ixperiencitness not be?
There are many things that we can be subjectively aware of, why could we not also be subjectively aware of the multiplicity of consciousness and ixperiencitness?

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There are several type of multiplicity that awaretheory behavior multiplicity; bemultiplicity, conscious multiplicity, comultiplicity and ixperiencitness multiplicity; ixpemultiplicity. Ixpemultiplicity is the most important and hardest to prove either in its possible general existence or in the existence of specific cases of two different bodies producing the same ixperiencitness. Ixpemultiplicity can be true universality generally or specifically. Universally true means that any ixperiencitness can have a multiple. Generally true means that at least in some cases the ixperiencitness in one body can be duplicated in other itobodies. Specifically true means that there is at least one case where there can be more than one itobody producing the same ixperiencitness. There is another factor this is the potential amount of itobodies that can produce the same ixperiencitness at the same time. This can be for a specific ixperiencitness zero, one, several, many, or no limit. Awaretheory makes the prediction that there is no specific limit in number of duplicates connected directly to any particular ixperiencitness. It is however limited by how many itobodies can produce the right physapath at the same time. Which increases as the size of the universe increases and if there exist suitable other universes that can produced ixperiencitness producing itobodies.



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Consciousnesses can be tied together and or observed in many different ways

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