Story analogy for what we are

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We can look at our lives as a story. Even though the reality is much more complex the story analogy for what we are shows in simple terms non technical terms many of the complex concepts that awaretheory predicts, exists, and can be used scientifically and technologically. People learn and understand in different ways. Some analogies are easier to understand for some people than others. Awaretheory tries to create a many analogies as possible to help as many people as possible to understand these other wise complex ideas. Behind these analogies is the ongoing development of rigorous scientific and mathematical rational experiments, arguments, and proofs for any one so interested in further understanding.

Stories are usually truncated and simplified versions of the experiences of conscious beings. No story is going to contain all of the the experiences that a person has in his life because it would take a whole life time or more to describe these experience to another person. Stories thus contain the important or interesting parts of these experiences. The awarepath represents the term that awaretheory gives for the consciousness that experienced by a person over this life time. This is the complete story of a person's life time.