Speed of matter assimilation experiments

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Assimilation experiments are a type of experiment dealing with how fast matter can be assimilated into a consciousness producing body and still produce the same consciousness and, or ixperiencitness. If matter is replaced instantaneously in a human body it is replica not the original. If the matter is replaced slowly like it is in a human body it is considered the same person. All the matter in the body is replaced over time even the bones so if you live long you are not made of the same matter you once were. A reasonable conclusion is that any elements in the right proportions can be part of your body and still produce a consciousness that you experience. Philosophers have not had the concept of ixperiencitness in a word until now to use in philosophical discussions. Consequently, they have not been able to state the problem using the ixperiencitness concept. The question to be answered with speed of matter assimilation experiments is: How fast can matter be replaced in a body where it will still be able to produce the same ixperiencitness? Awaretheory predicts that it the right structure and functioning was maintained or produced with the instant replacement of matter the same ixperiencitness would be produced in the replacement body. That would also make it an identireplica because it would be like removing the original and replacing it with another body. This allows for there to be two consciousness producing bodies that have the same ixperiencitness at the same time. This causes problems for the thinker because which body now is a continuation of the self?

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