Spectrum of conscious existence theories

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Spectrum of conscious existence theories can be organized in terms of awareconcepts

Nonexistent theories of conscious existence are analogous to the ixperiencitness connected to only one singular awaremoment.

Singular theories are theories of conscious existence that are analogous to one singular awarepath to one ixperiencitness.

Multiplicity theories are analogous to awarevenues being connected to a ixperiencitness and awarecontinuum being connected to a ixperiencit continuum or ixpecontinuum.

Universality theory of conscious existence is analogous to awarecontinuums having the same ixperiencitness.

Nonexistent theories of conscious existence propose that there is no real you. You are an awaremoment at best. The fact that it appears that you exist over a longer period of time than that is basically an illusion. This belief is based on the ideas that consciousness is always changing so there is no real or exact you.

Singular theories of conscious existence purpose that we are a singular consciousness. At one extreme the ixperiencit concept is limited to the life time of the body that produces it. This is called a finite singular theory. The concept of a soul was invented to allow conscious existence to extend past the life time limit. If there is no limit in time then it is called an infinite singular theory of consciousness. There can be all sorts of different theories of in between lengths.

Multiple theories of conscious existence on the one extreme of the spectrum allows for the potential of two identical consciousness to have the same ixperiencitness. This does not mean that there will ever be two separate consciousness that have the same ixperiencitness only that one could exist, but only one in the whole universe.

There are many separate and distinct versions of multiplicity depending on which citoprinciples, vitoprinciples, fitoprinciples and isoprinciples are ture in this universe.

Most potential versions of theories about conscious existence will be in the multiple category. This is because there are so many different versions of multiplicity theories of consciousness that are dependent on which of the itoprinciples are true.

Once you make types of ixperiencitness you have to deal with the question of: Does ixperiencitness form discrete types, or does it for a continuum like consciousness does?

Universal theories of conscious existence lie on the opposite end of the spectrum from that of nonexistent theories of conscious existence. At this far end of the spectrum the theory says that all consciousnesses have the same ixperiencitness. At the less extreme position, a universal theory can be categorized into groups such that all humans have the same ixperiencitness,where a different grouping of conscious beings, like chimps, have a different ixperiencitness. So if you are a chimp you experience all the other chimp consciousnesses.