Selfish moral imperative

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A moral imperative is how you should behave. A selfish moral imperative is how you should behave for your own personal self.

If singularity of conscious existence is true you should make your existence as nice as possible even though it might make other people's lives worse. The problem is that others are doing the same to you to make their lives best as possible. In the process we cause a lot of suffering. Many people take on, through experience and logical thinking, a compromise position that is, make life the best as possible while considering the effects that other people, the environment, and even gods will have on your life. Many people realize that what they do now effects what they experience in the future. making your life better today can make your life worse in the future. Finite singularity means that you only have to worry or care about your existence for a limited period of time. For instance, like a life time. Endless singularity means you have to be concerned about your behavior for a longer or endless time. This corresponds to a person being immortal

If multiplicity of conscious existence or itomultiplicity is true, there is not just one of you that can exist at a time. By your actions, you can actually be hurting or making a version of you, that you are experiencing, life's worse. Not only this, but you will have to be concerned about how the actions that you take in this life will effect future version of your lives. You have a selfish moral imperative to be as good toward others as you can without making your current conscious perspective or version worse. Not only do you have this to accomplish, you need to be concerned about future versions of yourself. Such as, how to create them and how to make their existence as good as possible. Again without ruining your present conscious existence. Since you, from your current perspective, has no idea which person is a version of you, you have to act like all other people are conscious version of you.

The Caresphere is a term that deals with what you are concerned for at the present in terms of what you want to experience now and in the future. The caresphere changes for people over their lives and even from one moment to the next.