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Science and Awaretheory

Science unlocks reality
Science requires tools to see the many different aspects of the universe
Awaretheory is based on science. It is science. It is understandable science that can be represented mathematically. Awaretheory does not contradict any part of science but it does look at the the facts with out the normal supernatural perspectives that humans view themselves. Singularity of ones conscious self is an egocentric view point that most people believe usually on faith based emotional experiences.

From structural functional materialism comes many good and useful ideas
The universe is an amazing place without the need for actual supernatural concepts
To understand conscious existence through space and time you need a better terms and phrases than the same body or the same consciousness. The new term is ixperiencitness. The question becomes not if some particular body is the same body over a change in matter time and space, or if a consciousness is the same consciousness over space or time, but who experiences these different consciousnesses produced by different bodies over space and time. Assuming that it has to be the same body to have the same ixperiencitness is a biased position without supporting proof.

We used to think that diseases were caused by evil spirits
We used to think that the brain did not have the capability to produce consciousness

The founding ideas of awaretheory are: 1. Consciousness and ixperiencitness are produced by the functioning of matter with certain structures. 2. In human bodies the consciousness is produced by the nervous system. 3. Duplicate the structure and functioning of the brain and you duplicate the consciousness and ixperiencitness produced by that brain.

Consciousness and ixperiencitness is produced by the complex structure and functioning of neuron like structures
Consciousness and ixperiencitness for humans is based on the complex structure of neuron interconnections

Awaretheory has developed names for specific complex concepts. Some of the most important are the awarepath, physipath, physapath, ixpepath, and epipath.

We can ask questions like do two different bodies have the same awarepath? How are two awarepath different? Which awarepaths have the same ixperiencitness. Which awarepaths map to which physipaths and physapaths? How much and in which ways can you enhance a physipath and still produce the same ixperiencitness? How much and what types of fragmentation can you apply to a physipath and still have the same consciousness and, or ixperiencitness

Molecule representation.jpg
Brain body neuron connections.jpg
The answer to these question will greatly effect the way that advanced societies progress. Understanding the process of how fragmentation of itobodies effects the production of awarepaths will help solve some of the biggest problems in the understanding of conscious existence

We see things scientifically through reason and experimentation
Space curvature1.jpg
The scientific study of conscious existence can be called psychexistology It can be translated as the study of the minds existence. This is because the word "psyche" means the mind, "exist" is short for existence and "ology" is the means study of. The study of the minds existence would be its meaning but it is more the study of consciousness and ixperiencitness and what produces them.

With care things can be duplicated for a purpose
A computer processor can function as a neuron to produce consciousness

How do you represent the scientific concept of an awaremoment?
The brain is a complex of interconnected neurons

Some people create novel scientific ideas that are not accepted to begin with
Evolution tree.jpg

String theory m theory.jpg

String theory words2.jpg

Neural network 1.jpg

String theory3.jpg



Pages with images

The purpose of this section is to give different ways of looking at some of the ideas presented in awaretheory that are not just all words, definitions, or equations. Sometimes shorts statements with a picture can sometimes help in the understanding of new, different, complex, misunderstood, or forgotten ideas. The ideas in awaretheory can effect many other sciences, beliefs, ideas, And many of the new ideas in science mathematics and technology can effect some of the developing ideas in awaretheory.

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