Religion and Awaretheory

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Religion and Awaretheory

People are religious for different reasons
There are many super versions of every person or other conscious being
What we are for ourselves is produced by the brain not a soul
Conscious beings can have faith in any thing whether it is true, important, useful, or not. People believe in religions for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is that it is what they are taught and they do not question it. The subconscious belief is that; "If it is or was good enough for my parents it is good enough for me." "It obviously was not so bad that it kept my parents from surviving long enough to reproduce me". Maybe the belief systems are necessary for survival and reproduction. Or maybe fitting into the culture that you were born into is important for survival and reproduction.

Yes, there are many ways that a person can experience being conscious again after death without the need for supernatural beliefs.
Even Secular Humanists can be misinformed.
The second reason that religions survive is the stick and carrot or heaven and hell approach. The carrot and stick approach does not work very well on earth with natural occurring events. This is because religions do not seem to control anything natural on earth like floods, famines, earthquakes, wars etc. If religions are in control or partial control of the government or enough wealth they can control peoples lives. But religions promise things that cannot be directly tested like the existence of gods or of heaven or hell. For heaven or hell to exist and be of importance to people there has to be an afterlife. People are justly fearful of life and what they do not know. This is because life can be very uncertain, ever changing, difficult and unpleasant.

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Awaretheory is not a religion or dogmatic belief system.
A third reason for the existence of religion is for some people to have power or control over peoples behavior and wealth with the end result that they can make a living from doing this type of role in society.

There can be as many religions as our imagination can create!
Awaretheory gives us eternity, moral direction, universal perspective, hope, control, and many different forms of immortality and life after death.
The ideas that are presented in awaretheory gives conscious beings everything that religions does plus much more. But rather than being speculation based on supernatural ideas, awaretheory is based on science and technology. It gives us life after death, immortality, moral direction, purpose, work for the unemployed, hope, conscious enhancement, and god like control of our future experiences. It even allows us to be in many different senses or ways super beings or beneficent gods to ourselves and to others. There is no necessary scientific reason that super beings or gods can not share the same or approximate ixperiencitness. They may in fact be a combination of many lower level consciousnesses plus higher level uniting consciousnesses that tie together the lower level consciousnesses and ixperiencitnesses into a caring or understanding conscious complex or multiplicity.
Truth is frequently in the eye of the beholder
Conscious beings can believe in the concepts of awaretheory without understanding them. Or understanding them without having to have blind faith in them!

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For human being to survive into the future we need our beliefs systems to be based on science and problem solving, not closed minded ideas based on unscientific supernatural faith. A person can have faith in science, but one does not have to have faith in science to believe in its usefulness and importance for survival and understanding of our reality.


Religions are defended by people for different reasons. If religions are not true then there are no gods. Without gods, it is believed, there is no life after death because only gods can create the miracle of life after death and immortality. Any science that takes away from the need for god existence takes away form the chance that god or gods exist. So evolution is not popular with some religious people because it seem to be a threat to survival.

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The ideas in awaretheory are not a threat to important religious ideas like the existence of life after death, the need for social coherence and moral direction, the desire to help the suffering. Beliefs systems change as we learn more about the needs of humans to survive. This applies to religions as well as all human endeavors. Any religion that can not change when needed is domed to eventual failure.
Potential Physapaths that produce religious based awarepaths or consciousnesses will always exist. They will be an aspect of many if not all ixperiencitnesses. This means that for each ixperiencitness there will be both religious and non religious consciousnesses and of those religious awarepaths that have the same ixperiencitness, there are all sorts of different religions or belief systems that they believe in. This provides strong reasons for religious people to get along with other religions people and non religious people because they can be versions of you.

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Fear of death and dying is one of the reasons that people are religious

The problem with religions is they are anti-science. The religious believe that we do not need science because god is supposed to take care of us like children and in return we are supposed to act like children letting god run our lives. The problem is that gods may not exist so there is no one to take care of us or to save us at the last minute from our own destruction. If there was a correct religion and god or gods wanted us to believe in that one belief system there would be only one religion. It would take very little effort for god to give us the one true religious path that he wanted us to take. But because there are thousands of religious like belief systems. he or they do not exist, do not care, or are so week and ineffective that they have no ability to show us what they want us to believe.
Science is understanding the reality that we live in order to solve the problems of survival and to avoid suffering. Religions do not feel a need for science for everything is gods will and it is believed that he will maintain the virtuous religious and ride he world of all of the rest. The only need for humans to keep god or the gods happy. There is no concern for maintaining or improving the earth and ourselves because in the end all will be destroyed by god. Without science civilization will end. If religions do not embrace the importance of science they will end along with the end of mankind. Awaretheory allows religious awarepaths to exist without giving them the control to destroy the world or only allow for there specific kind of belief systems to exist. Religions will never have the knowhow or desire to produce the many different kinds of awarepaths that can exist with their many different belief systems.



  • Religions exist because of conscious beings lack of knowledge about reality
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