Reincarnation and Awaretheory

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Reincarnation and Awaretheory

Identical structure and functioning of the brain produce identical consciousness and ixperiencitness
Reincarnation is not a scientific theory about immortality
Awaretheory is not a type of reincarnation. Reincarnation is based on supernatural ideas and beliefs, whereas awaretheory is based on science. For awaretheory there exists no soul or equivalent concept that ties one person to only one future or past person or animal. Awaretheory allows you to control your future existence by way of your present actions. Awaretheory is scientifically understandable from a scientific framework of ideas. Reincarnation is speculation created over millenniums with extremely limited scientific understanding of what consciousness and consequently we (conscious beings) are. Awaretheory is a much more positive belief system that reincarnation. Because awaretheory suggest many ways to make future conscious existence better

There is no need for a soul for there to be conscious existence after death
You are not tied to a specific body, you are ultimately a very large grouping of structures and functionings of matter that produce a very large and varied grouping of different consciousnesses
Your consciousness cannot be produced solely in singular lower animals. This is because they do not have the complexity of their nervous systems that humans have.

What makes someone the same over time?
A body may or may not contain useful information for producing a conscious version of you

The same body over time may not have the same ixperiencitness. This means that your current body may not always produce a consciousness that you will experience.
Near death experiences do not prove the existence of a life after death or reincarnation. It only shows that the brain produces different experiences as it functions differently.

Reincarnation is based on the singular birth and rebirth. Where as in reality there can be multiple deaths and rebirths at the same time all of with the same ixperiencitness
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This statement is based on a belief that we can never advance to the point that pain and suffering in life can not be repeatedly reduced, with ever increasing scientific knowledge, for each new generation of enhanced consciousness with the same ixperiencitnesses

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Karma and Awaretheory:

Belief systems need to take into account that we are more than the conscious moment that we are experiencing now. Since conscious versions of you can exist at the same time what you do at this moment can make you suffer or make your experiences better. So the statement "what goes around comes around" is scientifically true. A conscious version of you could be be making your life better or worse right now.

Reincarnation new. karma.jpg
Reincarnation new.jpg

What we do now will effect the quality of our future lives. If we make the lives of future versions of ourselves worse we will suffer because these future versions of ourselves have our ixperiencitness. For example, if you do something to hurt your self now you will not only suffer now you will suffer into the future as you heal. You may not directly see the pain that you will suffer in the future at the present time but you will experience it when it actually happens. It is like placing a trap at the present time that does not effect you now, but you will eventually suffer as you are caught in it. Many times people do not see the things that they do now that eventually makes them suffer in the future.

There are many different conscious lives (awarepaths) that you can experience. We can have control over the conscious lives that are created by knowing what physapaths produce what awarepaths. Different physapaths with the same ixperiencitness can exist at the same time, thus other people can be conscious versions of you existing at the same time as you do. The realization of three major ideas in awaretheory allows us to make present and future versions of our lives, that we experience, better. We do not have to be caught in an never ending cycle of suffering that reincarnation suggests happens. Nor do we have to accept as many Hindus and Buddhists other beliefs systems do that the only way to get out of the cycle of suffering is loosing ourselves in the cosmic unity of consciousness where there is no self. Awaretheory predicts that there are higher levels of consciousness. But rather than suggesting that there is just one ultimate level of consciousness it predicts that there are more higher levels of consciousness than lower levels of consciousness. Stated in a different way there are more enhanced awarepaths than degraded awarepaths with the same ixperiencitness.



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