Potential multiple immortality

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Often when people think of immortality they think of it first as a word meaning a live body never dying. This concept can be applied to any live plant, animal, bacteria, virus, etc. To understand and care about this concept of immortality you have to be conscious approximately at the level or beyond that most humans are. Most humans see themselves as a singular conscious perspective through time. Immortality then often means for humans themselves what you are consciously now continuing indefinitely and singularly into the future. You are going to experience many different things but you will also forget most of them because the brain can only remember a relatively small amount of information. Distance memories are not so much remembered as recreated in light of your present conscious perspective.

The concept of potential multiple immortality can be looked at as there is more of or to you, both body wise and conscious wise, than just one body and one consciousness existing at a time. You might say that you are only what you are experiencing at this moment in time but if you are like most people you do remember past experiences. You know that there is more to you consciously than what you are experiencing at this moment because you remember having experienced different things than you are now experiencing. You also know that there are many different things that you can experience in the future. Awaretheory predicts that as a general rule any structure and functioning of your current body that will produce a consciousness that you will expereince with your current body, and there are an extremely large amount, will when duplicated in another body produce the same consciousness and ixperiencitness as was produced in the original body.

Lets say that science gets to the point that it can keep your body alive and conscious forever. And it does not repeat the same structure and functioning of matter over and over again thus repeating the same conscious sequence (awaresection) and infinite amount of times, awaretheory states that all of this is your potential conscious you. But awaretheory takes the situation one step further. Rather than limiting the extremely large potential conscious you to a continuously existing body it predicts that any body will do at any time if it has any of the structures and functionings that your potential infinitely long existing body does. Thus there can be multiple bodies existing at the same time creating your current consciousness or any other part of the potential you.

There may also be an number of major changes to your body over an endless amount of time that still produce the same ixperiencitness as you have now. For instance, like enhancements to consciousness, abilities, senses, etc. It is also possible that there can be major transformations to the body and it will still produce the same ixperiencitness but unique consciousnesses. For instance, like replacing the neurons in your brain with electronic devices that can act in the place of neurons (isoidentireplicas). Or fragmenting the brain into parts that still comunicate with each other (fidentireplicas).