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Potential fazpath is the grouping term for the terms Potential physipath, Potential physapath, Potential neuropath, Potential awarepath, Potential mentapath, Potential ixpepath, and Potential epipath

From the perspective of the current awaremoment every other awaremoment would seem to be potential to the self. Usually only one awaremoment of an awarepath is produced by a body at the present moment of time. As a consequence all of the rest of the awarepath is potential not actual.
A Potential physipath is usually a physipath that does not currently exist but can exist or has existed in the past. For every actual physipath that exists in this universe there are an enumerable amount that could potentially exist. For every actual physipath (original (you)) that exists there are an extremely large amount of potential physipaths (versions of you) that will produce awarepaths that has the same ixperiencitness as the original; you. This is why itoimmortality, (scientific immortality) and superimmortality can exist.
A Potential physapath is a physipath that can exist, but that is not currently being produced.
Potential neuropath is a neuropath that can exist, but that is not currently being produced.
A Potential awarepath is an awarepath that can exist but has not existed before, or is not being produced now. Ever potential awarepath has to have a corresponding and producing potential physapath that could actually be created thus producing the awarepath.
Potential mentapath is a mentapath that can exist, but that is not currently being produced.
Potential ixpepath is a ixpepath that can exist, but that is not currently being produced.
Potential epipath is knowledge about a potential fazpath, or it is a potential epipath about an actual existing awarepath

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