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Oriexperiments are rational experiments about originals. The question these experiments hope to shed light on are: What can we do to the original and still have the same consciousness and ixperiencitness? And the converse question: What changes in the original will produce a change in consciousness and ixperiencitness of the original?

The experiments fall into several different categories. Dividing matter, Combining matter, Assimilation of matter, length of death, reduction of matter, switching matter, changing S&F, speed of change, modifications to reanimate, continuity, continuance of consciousness, etc.

Dividing matter experiments are rational experiments about taking part of the matter in the original and making a separate person.

Combining matter experiments deal with combining the matter from two or more separate people, and see who is left.

Assimilation of matter experiments deal with the speed that matter is replaced in the body.

Reduction of matter experiments ask what happens when you reduce the matter in the original.

Switching matter experiments deal with switching the matter with another person.

Changing the structure and functioning of matter experiments or changing S&F experiments deals with what happens when the structure and functioning of the original gets changed.

Length of death experiments deal with the length of time that a body is dead before it is reanimated.

Modifications to reanimate experiments deal with the modifications that are required to make a dead original alive again.

There are many different versions of each different category these are all experiments with the original's body, so they are experiments about physipaths specifically oriphysipaths

Combination experiments are experiments that combine the different experiments to see if a combination of factors variables effects the consciousness and ixperiencitness.

What these experiments show is that singularity of conscious existence does not make sense scientifically. To make philosingularity work and make sense, you have to have a very complex theory explaining why there are so many dead ends, that philosingularity theories do not predict or explain well.

When idoriginals, cidentireplicas, videntireplicas, fidentireplicas, musidentireplicas, insidentireplicas, enhaidentireplicas, and simidentireplicas are considered as the original the results of the oriexperiments, oriprinciples and oriequations apply to them as well.

There are orianalogies about these experiments in terms of DVDs and DVD players.

Oriexperiments apply to the other itobodies when they are considered as the original. Coriexperiments Idoexperiments, Citoexperiments, Vitoexperiments, Fitoexperiments, Enhaexperiments, Isoexperiments, Musexperiments, Insiexperiments, Comboexperiments, Tritoexperiments, Nrgexperiments, and Simiexperiments.

Space related Oriexperiments

Oririentation experiments deals with how the orientation of matter in an original effects the consciousness and ixperiencitness produced by original.

Orilocationality experiments deals with how the location of the original effects the consciousness and ixperiencitness produced by original.

Orimultiplicity experiments deals with how making multiple copies of the original effects the consciousness and ixperiencitness produced by original.

Orimultireplication experiments deals with how making multiple copies of copies of the original effects the consciousness and ixperiencitness produced by original.

Transuniversal concepts

Matter related Oriexperiments

Orinterchangeability experiments deals with how interchanging matter within the original effects the consciousness and ixperiencitness produced by original.

Orireplaceability experiments deals with how replacing matter within the original with matter outside of the original effects the consciousness and ixperiencitness produced by original.

Oriassimulation experiments Concept of assimilation of matter:

Orimateriality experiments deals with if any matter can be used by the original to produce the consciousness and ixperiencitness of the original.

Time related Oriexperiments

Transuniversal Orimultireplication experiments

Orisynchronization experiments

Orifuturality experiments Orifuturazation expereincing the present in the future

Orihistorality experiments Orihistorazation expereincing the present in the past

Oritimultiplicity experiments

Oricelerity experiments

Oriquondamality experiments Experiencing some past now

Oriprospectality experiments Oriprospectazation Experiencing some future now

Orisimultaneousness experiments

Oriretrogression experiments

Oritemporality experiments The combination of time related principles


Orinception experiments-- when in time it began

Oriexordium experiments-- when or where along the awarepath/ physipath

Oricreation experiments-- who or what created it

Orimodality experiments -- how it was created

Oriautochthonality experiments -- where it comes from

Oricausality experiments-- why it was made

Citoerudition experiments -- knowledge about

Orivergence experiments

Oridivergence experiments

Oriphysidivergence experiments

Oriawaredivergence experiments

Oriconvergence experiments

Oriphysiconvergence experiments

Oriawareconvergence experiments

Orimultivergence experiments

Orimultiphysivergence experiments

Orimultiawarevergence experiments

Orisimiconvergence experiments

Orisimiphysiconvergence experiments

Orisimiawareconvergence experiments

Orisimidivergence experiments

Orisimiphysidivergence experiments

Orisimiawaredivergence experiments

Orisimimultivergence experiments

Orisimimultiphysivergence experiments

Orisimiawaremultivergence experiments

Oricontinuance experiments

Oriphysicontinuance experiments

Oriawarecontinuance experiments

Oriextension experiments

Oriphysiextension experiments

Oriawareextension experiments

Oricontinuity experiments

Oriphysicontinuity experiments

Oriawarecontinuity experiments

Oridiscontinuity experiments

Oriphysidiscontinuity experiments

Oriawarediscontinuity experiments

Orisimiawareidentity experiments

Orisimiphysidentity experiments

Orisimiphysicontinuance experiments

Citosimiawarecontinuance experiments

Orisimiphysiextension experiments

Orisimiawarextension experiments

Orisimiphysicontinuity experiments

Orisimiawarecontinuity experiments

Orisimiphysidiscontinuity experiments

Orisimiawarediscontinuity experiments

Oriperipatetion experiments

Orimanifold experiments

Orimatrix experiments

Oritranformation experiments

Oriepistemology experiments

Orienhancement experiments

Oriconenhancement experiments

Orifusion experiments

Oridiffusion experiments

Oriinclusion experiments

Oriplexenumeration experiments

Orifragmentation experiments

Oriepifragmentation experiments

Oriranfragmentation experiments

Orimultisharing experiments

Orimultiplex experiments

Oritransmultiplex experiments

Orisupermultiplex experiments

Oriawareunification experiments

Oriphysiunification experiments

Orisuperunification experiments

Oriconcern experiments

Oriaffection experiments

Orinteraction experiments

Orisupervision experiments

Oricontrol experiments

Oripreferenceality experiments

Oriindeterminality experiments

Orimanagement experiments

Oriutopia experiments

Oriptimism experiments

Oripessimism experiments

Oriculturalrelativism experiments

Oriinfluence experiments

Orimagic experiments

Orireality experiments

Orisocioenhancement experiments Society advancement

Principle of Oricomplexenumeration

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