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Orianalogies are analogies used to help in the understanding or oriconcepts. One of the better analogies is using the DVD or VCR player with the recording or playing disk or tape and then with a television. Other analogies such as using the computer where there is input output and a monitor to see what the processing is producing are also useful. What is nice about the VCR analogy is the actual viewing of the progressing of time on the video cassette tape corresponding to a progression of the show. You can specifically say that this structure and functioning produced this point in the show. This is an analogy to physipath/awarepath mapping

Space related Orianalogies

Oriorientation analogies

Orilocationality analogies

Orimultiplicity analogies

Orimultireplication analogies

Transuniversal concepts

Matter related Orianalogies

Orinterchangeability analogies

Orireplaceability analogies

Oriassimulation analogies Concept of assimilation of matter:

Orimateriality analogies

Time related Orianalogies

Transuniversal Orimultireplication analogies

Orisynchronization analogies

Orifuturality analogies Orifuturazation expereincing the present in the future

Orihistorality analogies Orihistorazation expereincing the present in the past

Oritimultiplicity analogies

Oricelerity analogies

Oriquondamality analogies Experiencing some past now

Oriprospectality analogies Oriprospectazation Experiencing some future now

Orisimultaneousness analogies

Oriretrogression analogies

Oritemporality analogies The combination of time related principles


Oriinception analogies-- when in time it began

Oriexordium analogies-- when or where along the awarepath/ physipath

Oricreation analogies-- who or what created it

Orimodality analogies -- how it was created

Oriautochthonality analogies -- where it comes from

Oricausality analogies-- why it was made

Citoerudition analogies -- knowledge about

Orivergence analogies

Oridivergence analogies

Oriphysidivergence analogies

Oriawaredivergence analogies

Oriconvergence analogies

Oriphysiconvergence analogies

Oriawareconvergence analogies

Orimultivergence analogies

Orimultiphysivergence analogies

Orimultiawarevergence analogies

Orisimiconvergence analogies

Orisimiphysiconvergence analogies

Orisimiawareconvergence analogies

Orisimidivergence analogies

Orisimiphysidivergence analogies

Orisimiawaredivergence analogies

Orisimimultivergence analogies

Orisimimultiphysivergence analogies

Orisimiawaremultivergence analogies

Oricontinuance analogies

Oriphysicontinuance analogies

Oriawarecontinuance analogies

Oriextension analogies

Oriphysiextension analogies

Oriawareextension analogies

Oricontinuity analogies

Oriphysicontinuity analogies

Oriawarecontinuity analogies

Oridiscontinuity analogies

Oriphysidiscontinuity analogies

Oriawarediscontinuity analogies

Orisimiawareidentity analogies

Orisimiphysidentity analogies

Orisimiphysicontinuance analogies

Citosimiawarecontinuance analogies

Orisimiphysiextension analogies

Orisimiawarextension analogies

Orisimiphysicontinuity analogies

Orisimiawarecontinuity analogies

Orisimiphysidiscontinuity analogies

Orisimiawarediscontinuity analogies

Oriperipatetion analogies

Orimanifold analogies

Orimatrix analogies

Oritranformation analogies

Oriepistemology analogies

Orienhancement analogies

Oriconenhancement analogies

Orifusion analogies

Oridiffusion analogies

Oriinclusion analogies

Oriplexenumeration analogies

Orifragmentation analogies

Oriepifragmentation analogies

Oriranfragmentation analogies

Orimultisharing analogies

Orimultiplex analogies

Oritransmultiplex analogies

Orisupermultiplex analogies

Oriawareunification analogies

Oriphysiunification analogies

Orisuperunification analogies

Oriconcern analogies

Oriaffection analogies

Orinteraction analogies

Orisupervision analogies

Oricontrol analogies

Oripreferenceality analogies

Orindeterminality analogies

Orimanagement analogies

Oriutopia analogies

Oriptimism analogies

Oripessimism analogies

Oriculturalrelativism analogies

Oriinfluence analogies

Orimagic analogies

Orireality analogies

Orisocioenhancement analogies Society advancement

Principle of Oricomplexenumeration

OriprinciplesOrilocationality analogy: If you move the original DVD player to another spot you will get the same show produced.

Orimultiplicity analogy: Many identical movies can be played at the same time.

Orimultireplication analogy: The original movie could have ben made and played at any time in the past, if conditions would have been right for the creation of the movie.

Transuniversal orimultireplication analogy: If another universe is enough like this universe, and its physical laws are like ours also then the original movie could have existed in that universe too.

Orinterchangeability analogy: If you interchange the parts of the original dvd with other parts with in the original be it atoms, subatomic atomic particles to transistors etc. that function identically, the DVD player will produce the same shows

Orireplacability analogy: Any part of the player or disc can be replaced if the part acts identically to the old part

Orimateriality analogy: Any matter could have been used to make the player or disc, if the resulting structure and functioning would have stayed the same.

Orisynchronization analogy: Many copies of the original movie can be played at the same

Orifuturality analogy: The original first movie can be played in the future

Orihistorality analogy: The original movie can be played in the past

Oritimultiplicity analogy: The movie can be played at many times in the present ,future or the past

Oricelerity analogy: The movie can be played at a faster or slower speed

Oriquondamality analogy:

Oriprospectality analogy:

Oritranformation analogy:

Orifragmentation analogy: The movie can still be created with a divided dvd player if the structure and functioning still produces the correct signal

Oricontinuance analogy:The original movie can be made longer with out there being an end movie first.

Oriextension analogy: The original movie can be made longer after the end of the movie, or after the player breaks down

Orisomorphism analogy: Different media and or machines can produce the same original movie.

Orienhancement analogy: There are many improvements that can be made to the original movie and still be the same movie like color stereo sound

Oridivergence analogy: At any point in the movie, the movie can diverge in many different ways

Oriconvergence analogy: Two or more different movies can converge into the same movie at any point along the original movie.

Oripotentiality analogy: There are many different versions of the original movie that never gets produced. but could get produced sometime in the future.

Orinception analogy: It does not matter when the original movie was made.

Oricreation analogy:

Orimodality analogy:

Oriautochthonality analogy:

Oricausality analogy:

Orierudition analogy:

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