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Musexperiments are experiments with musidentireplicas. Human brains are a type of musidentireplicas because one part of the brain like neurons can be used for multiple purposes of processing information at the same time by other neurons or even other parts of the brain. We can also imagine where there are two or more brains that use one section of a brain to function to produce the needed processing for these two or more brains. This section of brain would do multiple duty for each brain. This process would be easiest to understand when two or more brains have the same structure and functioning. Imagine then that an operation is done where there are two identically functioning brains with one identical part of each brain's functioning being replaced by not two identically sections of brain but by one identically functioning section of brain. Two identically functioning right sided brains connected to one left side brain. The signals from the left side of the brain would need to be split and boosted whereas the signals from the two right sided brains would have to be combined and reduced in strength. This process could be repeated with not just two brains but any number of right sided brains and just the one left sided brain. The randomness of the functioning caused by the effects of quantum mechanics could be deliberately eliminated by external means and, or averaged out over the total neuron signals.

Interesting questions are generated by these types of experiments. For example, what are the resulting arithmetic numbers of consciousnesses and ixperiencitnesses produced by a musidentireplica with 100 right brains connected with just one left brain? Is there one hundred identical consciousnesses and ixperiencitnesses produced or just one? There is also the behavior produced by this musidentireplica. The behavior from any right brain and the one left brain will produce the same behavior as an original with only one right brain and one left brain. if the signals from all the right brains are combined and then reduced in strength accordingly, It then should produce the same behavior as the original. One might say who cares because the experiment could never be carried out. But this experiment could be carried out with a television. What is more, it is likely done with certain specific part in the television that do more than one function like a neuron often does in the human brain.

Manifold argument

The museprocess is the process of producing musidentireplicas.

is of two parts union and division of physipaths.

Mutual use convergence experiments

Mutual use divergence experiments

Space related Musexperiments

  1. Musrientation experiments; Experiments dealing with how the orientation in space effects the behavior, consciousness, and ixperiencitness produced by the musidentireplica.
  2. Muslocationality experiments; Experiments dealing with how the location in space effects the behavior, consciousness, and ixperiencitness produced by the musidentireplica.
  3. Musmultiplicity experiments; Experiments dealing with how the number of musidentireplicas existing in space at the same time effects the behavior, consciousness, and ixperiencitness produced by the musidentireplica.
  4. Musmultireplication experiments; Experiments dealing with how the number of copies made, one after another, from one original musidentireplica effects the behavior, consciousness, and ixperiencitness produced by each musidentireplica.
  5. Transuniversal concepts deal with how the changes in the physical properties in this or another universe effect the behavior, consciousness, and ixperiencitness produced by the musidentireplicas.

Matter related Musexperiments

  1. Musinterchangeability experiments; Experiments dealing with how the interchanging of matter within a musidentireplica effect the behavior, consciousness, and ixperiencitness produced by the musidentireplica.
  2. Musreplacability experiments; Experiments dealing with how the replacing of matter in musidentireplica from outside the musidentireplicas effect the behavior, consciousness, and ixperiencitness produced by the musidentireplica.
  3. Musassimilation experiments Concept of assimilation of matter:
  4. Musmateriality experiments

Time related Musexperiments

  1. Transuniversal Musmultireplication experiments
  2. Mussynchronization experiments
  3. Musfuturality experiments Musfuturazation expereincing the present in the future
  4. Mushistorality experiments Mushistorazation --- experiencing the present in the past
  5. Mustimultiplicity experiments
  6. Muscelerity experiments
  7. Musquondamality experiments Experiencing some past now
  8. Musprospectality experiments Musprospectazation--- Experiencing some future now
  9. Mussimultaneousness experiments
  10. Musretrogression experiments
  11. Mustemporality experiments The combination of time related principles.


  1. Musinception experiments-- when in time it began
  2. Musexordium experiments-- when or where along the awarepath/ physipath
  3. Muscreation experiments-- who or what created it
  4. Musmodality experiments -- how it was created
  5. Musautochthonality experiments -- where it comes from
  6. Muscausality experiments-- why it was made
  7. Muserudition experiments -- knowledge about

Musvergence experiments

  1. Musdivergence experiments
  2. Musphysidivergence experiments
  3. Musawaredivergence experiments
  4. Musconvergence experiments
  5. Musphysiconvergence experiments
  6. Musawareconvergence experiments
  7. Musmultivergence experiments
  8. Musmultiphysivergence experiments
  9. Musmultiawarevergence experiments
  10. Mussimiconvergence experiments
  11. Musimiphysiconvergence experiments
  12. Musimiawareconvergence experiments
  13. Musimidivergence experiments
  14. Musimiphysidivergence experiments
  15. Musimiawaredivergence experiments
  16. Musimimultivergence experiments
  17. Musimimultiphysivergence experiments
  18. Musimiawaremultivergence experiments

  1. Muscontinuance experiments
  2. Musphysicontinuance experiments
  3. Musawarecontinuance experiments
  4. Musextension experiments
  5. Musphysiextension experiments
  6. Musawareextension experiments
  7. Muscontinuity experiments
  8. Musphysicontinuity experiments
  9. Musawarecontinuity experiments
  10. Musdiscontinuity experiments
  11. Musphysidiscontinuity experiments
  12. Musawarediscontinuity experiments
  13. Musimiawareidentity experiments
  14. Musimiphysidentity experiments
  15. Musimiphysicontinuance experiments
  16. Musimiawarecontinuance experiments
  17. Musimiphysiextension experiments
  18. Musimiawarextension experiments
  19. Musimiphysicontinuity experiments
  20. Musimiawarecontinuity experiments
  21. Musimiphysidiscontinuity experiments
  22. Musimiawarediscontinuity experiments

Musperipatetion experiments

  1. Musmanifold experiments
  2. Musmatrix experiments
  3. Mustranformation experiments
  4. Musepistemology experiments
  5. Musenhancement experiments
  6. Musconenhancement experiments
  7. Musfusion experiments
  8. Musdiffusion experiments
  9. Musinclusion experiments

  1. Musplexenumeration experiments
  2. Musfragmentation experiments
  3. Musepifragmentation experiments
  4. Musranfragmentation experiments
  5. Musmultisharing experiments
  6. Muscomplexenumeration experiments
  7. Musmultiplex experiments
  8. Mustransmultiplex experiments
  9. Musupermultiplex experiments
  10. Musawareunification experiments
  11. Musphysiunification experiments
  12. Musuperunification experiments

  1. Musconcern experiments
  2. Musaffection experiments
  3. Musinteraction experiments
  4. Mussupervision experiments
  5. Muscontrol experiments
  6. Muspreferenceality experiments
  7. Musindeterminality experiments
  8. Musmanagement experiments
  9. Musutopia experiments
  10. Musptimism experiments
  11. Muspessimism experiments
  12. Musculturalrelativism experiments
  13. Musinfluence experiments
  14. Musmagic experiments
  15. Musreality experiments
  16. Musocioenhancement experiments Society advancement

  1. Principle of muscomplexenumeration

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