Multiple videntireplica experimental proof

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How do we really know what consciousness a cidentireplica is producing? It will always say that it has the exact same consciousness that the original does because it will behave exactly like the original. It is not programed or coached to say the same things as the original. It comes up with the same answers the same way that the original does through the functioning of the brain.

Multiple videntireplica experimental proof is that we can find out as much information as we need about the consciousness of the original and cidentireplica, by studying enough videntireplicas of the original or cidentireplicas of the original. One of the question that we want to know is does the original and cidentireplica have the same consciousness and ixperiencitness?

How can we actually find out what is the real consciousness that is being produced by the cidentireplica? We do it by letting the cidentireplica diverge from the exact same structure and functioning of that of the original. A divergent cidentireplica is a videntireplica.

For example, the original says nothing the cidentireplicas says nothing. How do we known what the original or cidentireplica is feeling, or anything about their consciousness? If we ask a second cidentireplica how he is feeling he can tell us that he is in pain, for instance. This is not now a videntireplica of the original becausing he is now behaving differently than the original. We can ask more questions as to the nature of the pain. There is no end to the information that the videntireplica can give us about the original or cidentireplicas of the original. The videntireplica is no longer functioning the same as the original nor the first cidentireplica but is functioning enough like the original that we can gather a lot of information about the consciousness of the original.

The information that is given to us by the videntireplicas about its consciousness could be false. It can be deliberately manipulated to confuse us about our understanding of the consciousness being produced. People often lie. People are also unsure of what they are thinking and feeling at times. This confusion and lying is part of the consciousness being produced. There will be versions of the videntireplica that have a clearer view of the consciousness being produced or have no reason to lie. They can tell us about why they might have lied or been confused in understanding their consciousness at each moment.

A videntireplica having a close structure and functioning to that of the original and cidentireplica can be asked any number of different questions about his consciousness. He can say he is in pain, mad, happy, thinking or feeling sleepy. These are all aspects of the consciousness of the cidentireplicas that we can not get from the original itself. By starting with a cidentireplica at any point in the life of the original we can get a true picture of the actual consciousness being produced by the cidentireplica as well as close videntireplicas. This information is part of a awarecontinuum that itomaps to the physicontinuum.

Of course we cannot make cidentireplicas of an original at this time, nor can we make videntireplicas of the original either because of their complexity. But what it allows us is the potential for a truly experimental science that studies consciousness and then can map this consciousness to the actual structure and functioning of matter. Or stated with more technical terms itomapping the awarepath to the physapath and visa versa.

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