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Memories and Awaretheory

The brain is much more complicated than this diagram seems to depict. What it does represent is that the brain is the source of the processing that produces behavior. The brain is so complicated that there are many theories on how it does what it does.

For humans, memories are produced by the functioning of the brain. If the structure and or functioning of the brain changes enough then the memories will change as well. By changing the structure and functioning of the brain memories can be generated that are about events that the body never experienced.

Having the same memories is not necessary for having the same ixperiencitness
What we have memories of in the past is very inaccurate. Our brains cannot hold all of the information that it receives from the senses. The brain makes vague outlines of the past experiences, that can frequently change over time. The brain does not store memories like the computer stores information. Memories are an aspect of consciousness. They are part of the consciousness produced by the itobody. When a computer retrieves stored information it is not in the form of consciousness.

Improving ones abilities to remember things is a type of conscious enhancement
The memorypath is the sequence of memories that is connected to a specific awarepath and physapath. We sometimes cannot tell the difference between a memory and an actual experience. When this happens the memory is considered to be part of the sensepath and not a memory by the individual. The memorypath is part of the awarepath.

Memories can make a person sad or mad
There are an extremely large amount of memorypaths that a particular ixperiencitness can have
Memories are created by the functioning of the bran and the functioning is determined by the structure of the brain and how it is influenced over time. By changing the structure of the brain you change the memories that can be produced. By changing the functioning of the brain you are changing the memories that are being produced. You do not have to experience some event to have a memory of the event. The brain through it's functioning can change its structure thus latter changing it functioning.

Memories 2.jpg
You can loose your memory but still have an ixperiencitness. You can loose your memory have the same ixperiencitness. You can have different memories and have the same ixperiencitness. Specific memories are not a necessary part of your ixperiencitness.

By changing the structure and functioning of the brain in the right ways a conscious being can have memories of actual events that have happened any time in the past but that the person never experienced

Memories make us believe that we or our bodies have a past even when we have not
Any memories can be made by creating the right structure and functioning in the brain


Memories can make you happy or nostalgic


Historical pic3.jpg
Memories can make you think that you have had past lives when you didn't



Many different memorypaths can converge into the same memorypath thus awarepath. This is because many different physapaths can converge into one physapath. What makes them converge or diverge is usually the enviropath which includes the sensepath. Part of the enviropath can be consciously controled for specific purposes.

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