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Matter makes very complex and animated things
Matter makes a beautiful world
Matter is magical argument is the argument that matter can do many amazing things, such as being plants, animals, computer, galaxies suns planets, moons, universes, dark matter, dark energy, electronic devices, drugs, chemicals, elements, cells, DNA, etc., etc., If it can do alll this why can it not be the source of consciousness and ixperiencitness through its complex structures and functionings? Since all other theories of how consciousness is produced need supernatural concepts like a soul or a mind substance, which there is no real evidence of their existence, we are left with matter being able to produce consciousness and ixperiencitness. This just adds to the apparent magical-ness of matter.

Plants that eat animals is one of the interesting developments of random evolution
With enough knowledge that can be synthesized, we can recreate any species that has ever existed on earth or any where else in the universe

If consciousness and ixperiencitness are produced by the functioning of matter over time, then it can be approximated and replicated like all other material based things that we make. With more knowledge and applied technology we can recreate, control, and direct consciousness and ixperiencitness indefinitely into the future. What you do now and in the future will influence what you experience now, in the future, and after your current body's death, or bodies deaths, or future existing bodies deaths.

It is possible to produce many different versions of each type of animal that exits or has ever existed on earth or any where else in the universe
Just a few elements can come together to form extremely complex molecules that can act like machines for the creation of new molecules
Our limited understanding of matter and energy has lead people to believe that simple scientific theories about matter and energy is all that matter is, consequently, they believe, there is no way that matter because of this simplicity can produce consciousness and ixperiencitness by itself without supernatural entities.

Matter can be manipulated in many seemly magical ways to produce endless amounts of amazing, useful, bizarre, things, animals, foods, entertainments, consciousnesses and ixperiencitnesses etc.
We are just learning how to use matter to make the world a more interesting and beautiful place. Without consciousness there is no beauty or curiosity!

We can understand complex ideas because of the functioning of matter
Religions exist because of the complex interchange of ideas and behaviors that is produced by matter in groups of people

Mathematics is made by the functioning of matter in the brain
The earth made of matter is a complex and beautiful place

Beautiful and interesting things that we do not understand can be very scary.
Aurora borealis 7.jpg

Matter produces imagination
One of the most amazing things about matter is its ability to produce consciousness and ixperiencitness repeatedly

Aurora australis 1.jpg

Aurora borealis 3.jpg
The earth is full of surprising and beautiful experiences.

Aurora borealis 5.jpg

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