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The ixperiencitness concept ties together conscious beings, like humans, together into a group that has a unique bond. This bond is what makes a greater self than the singular you or I. The potential you is an enumerable set of itobodies and itocomponents that together have an omnipotence enumerably greater than the singular you produced by a singular human body.

Omnipotence is the quality of having unlimited or very great power. Itofazomnipotence is the power that is possible and actual in a universe for an ixperiencitness grouping of consciousnesses. There can be any number of conscious versions of you that exist now or any time in the future. Together they can form an itofazomnipotence that at the very least can be more than the abilities of the singular self.

Itofazomnipotence There are many different ways to produce bodies with the same ixperiencitness. The ixperiencit concept ties different bodies together in the same way as one body does. The one body that you believe is producing your consciousness now, ties your conscious self together over time. A person accomplishes much more over his life time than he does in the moment that he is currently conscious of. Past and future conscious moments are not being produced at the current moment but an awareness of past and future conscious moments can exist in or be part of the current conscious moment. In the same way we can be aware of many conscious moments that we could have or want to experience or to avoid. What you did or could have experienced and what you will and could experience in the future are all potential consciousness with a possibly of an actual effect on reality. If part to all of this potential ability exists through time it can create a great influence on reality.

Actual itofazomnipotence is the actual degree of omnipotence or itofazomnipotence achieved in a universe. Since itobodies or itocomponents can be enhanced without loosing the original ixperiencitness this just enhances the omnipotence

Potential itofazomnipotence is the potential omnipotence or itofazomnipotence that can be achieved in a universe.

Ixperiencit omnipotence The independent yet interdependent cells in an organism function together to make a human body. In the same ways the itobodies and itocomponents are independent and often unaware of each other yet together can form a controlling influence on reality that is far greater than the individual bodies themselves.

Ixperiencit omnipresence Since itobodies with the same ixperiencitness can exist through out space and time they can have an universal presence.

Ixperiencit omniscient Each itobody and itocomponent with the same ixperiencitness can have it own speciality in terms of knowledge and reality. When all the different possible enhanced itobodies are added together there is a enumerable amount of knowledge that one ixperiencitness contains.

Def. omniscience omniscient --- knowing everything:

Def. omnipresence --- present everywhere at the same time. widely or constantly encountered; common or widespread

Omnipotential is the concept that there are many different consciousnesses ---- itofazpaths (physipath, awarepath, etc.) for each ixperiencitness grouping.

itofazomnipotence, is the ability to accomplish physical things and conscious experiences by itobodies that have the same or percentage wise the same ixperiencitness. Although many imagined things are not physically possible in this universe, the conscious experiences that would or could have been produced by accomplishing them are possible to produce. For example, it is predicted that conscious beings (matter) can not travel at the speed of light, experiences that might be related to traveling at the speed of light could be produced by manipulating the way the brain functions as in the application of experiences produced by an experience machine.

itofazomniscience, and itofazomnipresence may potentially exist for many if not all ixperiencitness grouping.

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