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Introduction and Foundation Concepts for Itoequations

This section deals with the terminology of itomathematics and the beginning development of itoequations. Itoidentireplicas relationships to originals and idoriginals etc. form the basis for itoequations.

Simple itoequations

Many simple equations are trivially true. Their purpose is to show how the syntax works and to show that there are many variations to the equations showing the many differt types of relations exist in itomathematics.

Advanced itoequations

These equations are more complex dealing with more complex aspects of the relationships of itoidentireplicas

Important itoequations

The most important itoequations so far developed. If you do not want to wade through the basic concepts of syntax etc. go here.

Combined equations

These are equations where the concepts of awarepaths, physipaths, awarecontinuums, etc., are combined with the concepts of itoidentireplicas.

There is a numbers attached to itoequations for the specific purpose of designating which type of itobody is being related 0 is for itoidentireplicas, 1 for originals, 2 for idoriginals 3 for coriginals 4 for cidentireplicas 5 for videntireplicas 6 for fidentireplicas 7 for isoidentireplicas 8 for enhaidentireplicas 9 for musidentireplicas 10 for insidentireplicas 11 for tridentireplicas 12 for nrgidentireplicas 13 for comboidentireplicas 14 for simidentireplicas. So a beginning designation of (1.4) on a itoequation would relate originals and cidentireplicas. "4.7" would relate cidentireplicas and isoidentireplicas.

Itoequations is the grouping name for Oriequations, Idoequations, Coriequations, Citoequations, Vitoequations, Fitoequations, Enhaequations, Isoequations, Musequations, Insiequations, Tritoequations, comboequations, nrgequations,and Simiequations.

See also Itoequations, Oriequations, Idoequations, Coriequations, Citoequations, Vitoequations, Fitoequations, Isoequations, Enhaequations, Musequations, Insiequations, Tritoequations, Nrgequations, Comboequations, and Simiequations,

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Fazsynchronization equations, Fazfuturality equations, Fazhistorality equations, Faztimultiplicity equations, Fazcelerity equations, Fazquondamality equations, Fazprospectality equations, Fazsimultaneousness equations, Fazretrogression equations, Faztemporality equations, Fazrepetition equations Fazreversion equations, Fazprogression equations, Fazsucession equations,

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Itocontinuance equations, Itoextension equations, Itocontinuity equations, Itodiscontinuity equations, Itoidentity equations, Itosimidentity equations, Itosimicontinuance equations, Itosimiextension equations, Itosimicontinuity equations, Itosimidiscontinuity equations,

Itoconvergence equations, Itodivergence equations, Itomultivergence equations, Itosimiconvergence equations, Itosimidivergence equations, Itomultisimivergence equations, itocrossdivergence equations, itocrossconvergence equations, itosimimultivergence equations, itocrossmultivergence equations, itosimicrossmultivergence equations,

Fazconvergence equations, Fazdivergence equations, Fazmultivergence equations, Fazsimiconvergence equations, Fazsimidivergence equations, Fazmultisimivergence equations, Fazcrossdivergence equations, Fazcrossconvergence equations, Fazsimimultivergence equations, Fazcrossmultivergence equations, Fazsimicrossmultivergence equations,

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Itoarguments is the grouping name for Oriarguments, Idoarguments, Coriarguments, Citoarguments, Vitoarguments, Fitoarguments, Enharguments, Isoarguments, Musarguments, Insiarguments, Tritoarguments, Simiarguments, and Comboarguments.