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Idoimmortality is the kind of immortality created by the idoriginal. The idoriginal is exactly like the original it has had all the experiences that the original has in its life. it has the same structure and functioning of the original has but is made of different matter in a different space and even a different time. If it is in a different time period it can be made of the same matter and be in the same place the original was. Since a idoriginal can be any time in the future there is the type of immortality created by this possibility. Since the idoriginal does not have to die at the same point in the life of the original it can extend the life of the original at any time in the future as well. The difference between a cidentireplica and a idoriginal is that, the way that the idoriginal and original were created are the same. They had the same birth, same development, and same set of experience at the exact same time in their lives. Where as the cidentireplica can come into the existence in any of many possible different ways

It is possible that an idoriginal could live for a very long time so you life could be extended by the original any amount of time at any time in the future. Some might say that it is not immortality unless it is guaranteed future conscious existence. it seems that it can be called a form of immortality if it is immortality for one person. Since there may not be an end to the period that a idoriginal can exist then we can never be sure that there will not be an idoriginal for each person or many, some lasting for a very long time period before dying. it has been proposed by scientists that there may be an infinite amount of parallel universes. If so then idoriginals could be very common.

This bings us to the type of immortality that idoriginal would actually give us. The first kind would be cyclic or repetitive immortality. The idoriginal will repeat the same consciousness that the original had produced. So what you experience in your life time will be repeated over again with idoriginals. Of course he can die before you do thus not repeating your entire life. His S&F can diverge at any time as well making him a divergent idoriginal. Of course making him a divergent idoriginal makes him someone else's idoriginal or cidentireplica.

We also have the situation where the idoriginal did not have exactly the same physipath. in other words most of his life was exactly the same as that of the original but there were parts that were somewhat different nonetheless the S&F stayed the same through out.

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