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Hell and Awaretheory

The concept of hell can be used in positive and fun ways without producing needless suffering
Why would a good god make hell?
Hell does not exist in reality. It however does exists in peoples consciousness as a way to control people's behavior by threatening pain and suffering forever if you behave differently than the morals of the culture that one lives in. A person's body could not survive in hell. That is because of the laws of science do not allow bodies to exist in high temperatures and low levels of oxygen. Hell would have to be produced some other way than with the actual human body. Certain structures and functionings of the brain can create consciousnesses that are very unpleasant or hell like.

Why can't an all powerful and all knowing god not be able to give people free will and have then want to be good at the same time?
Is it fair to make conscious beings suffer for eternity for committing a finite amount of sinful acts?

The production of hell like awarepaths is not what awaretheory is about. But hell like awarepaths can be created but not in an actual hell like environment. To produce hell like awarepaths you have to produce brain like, or equivalent, structures and then stimulate the brain like it was being in constant pain. The problem is that stimulating a brain like it is in constant pain causes the structure and functioning of the brain to change producing a different consciousness (awarepath) than desired and maybe even a different ixperiencitness. One unfortunate solution that awaretheory allows or predicts can exit, is that the same starting awaresection can be repeated over and over again with the same ixperiencitness. The one saving factor is that it is not easy to duplicate the same physasection or neurosection over and over again. Any one that has this kind of ability and resources is not likely to waste their time and resources on revenge or cruelty when what pleasure they derive from it can be created much more easily in other ways.

Hell is a creation of people to control other people
Many people make their living because of the concept of hell
There can exit many unpleasant awarepaths for each of us. Awaretheory predicts that there are many unpleasent awarepaths with the same ixperiencitness for each ixperiencitness. There are also many unpleasent awaresections that can be created by applying unpleasant sensesections to physasections and neurosections. However, unpleasent awaresections or sensesections might have positive uses or be actually needed to make positive awarepaths. For example, a conscious being that does not feel pain can easily kill themselves.

Unfortunately, for every person there are many potential hell like awarepaths that they can and experience if they are ever produced!
Many life experiences can seem like hell

Awaretheory predicts that versions of each of us can have god like powers over the production other versions of us. This means that they can make positive or negative awarepaths. But will they want to make negative awarepaths unless it is necessary? Of course, the definition of positive and negative awarepaths can be totally subjective. Since there can be a range of different awarepath perspectives that have the same ixperiencitness there can also be a range of what is a positive and negative awarepath. Can the perspective of the producers of awarepaths be so different from the perspective of the produced awarepaths that the producers think that they are creating nice awarepaths and the actual produced awarepaths are greatly suffering? It appears very unlikely that producers of awarepaths (itofazcontrollers) assuming that they are conscious and have the same ixperiencitness as the awarepaths that they create will not be aware of what they are creating.

It seems that different gods would have different hells
Why would a good god allow hell to exist if he is all powerful?



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