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1. If multiplicity of conscious existence is true, how does this influence my personal life?

You make plans for your future, which means you make plans for the future experiences you will have or your future consciousness. But, the meaning of your future experiences or future consciousness has a different meaning with itomultiplicity than with momental linear singularity. Understanding multiplicity gives you responsibilities far beyond just the next few years of your life. It gives you responsibility for every version of yourself. You, by your actions, will have control over what potential conscious versions of yourself will become actual conscious versions of yourself. Many people not only care about the experiences they will have they care about loves one as well. Itomultiplicity applies to the many different versions of their consciousnesses as well.

2. How can I actually have an effect on the different versions of my self when I have a hard time controlling what I will experience a few minutes from now?

There are many potential versions of you that have various understandings of itomultiplicity and control over reality. You need to help make these potential versions of you become actual. You can do this by understanding the ideas about multiplicity. If you can, help develop these ideas or other sciences. Help support science in any way you can because science is our problem solver. Always be skeptical even of itomultiplicity. Take care of the earth, for if the earth can not support healthy happy people there will be no conscious versions of you, at least on earth

3. Itomultiplicity says that there can be versions of me right now, that actually exist, somewhere on earth or elsewhere in the universe, versions that I actually experience. But I do not experience these other versions of me in any way that I know of. For them to be me don't I have to experience them or their presence or something like that?

This is the basic reason that people do not consider itomultiplicity as a reasonable option for theories of conscious existence. If it is a requirement that all consciousness that you can experience are what you experience this very moment then this would limit you to the consciousness that you are experiencing this very moment. Consequently, you would be limited to be existing only for the very moment. Most people experience and believe that they will exist for longer than a moment of conscious existence. We can consider the experimental case where you travel into the past and observe your previous self. If it is required that you experience all versions of yourself at the same time or conscious perspective, since you would not be experiencing the consciousness of your previous self this would make your previous self not you. You might counter with the though that you have memories of this previous self's experiences and consciousness so in some ways you are actually tied to this previous self. If you go forward in time you have no such connection to any consciousness because as far as you are concerned these experiences and consciousness have not happened yet. Just because you have a memory of something in your present consciousness your consciousness in the past is not identical to the one you are having now. There are a number of supporting arguments and proofs for itomultiplicity.