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Free will and Awaretheory

Free will can be confusing
Are conscious beings responsible for what they do if they have no free will?
Given exactly the same physical conditions the same events will transpire. In this sense there is no free will. However, very small changes in the physical conditions can make very large changes in the behavior of a conscious being. A very slight difference in the sensepath can make a very large change in the behavior of a person. For example, you think you see one thing in one sensepath and another thing in another very slightly different sensepath. You perceive the first to be a very dangerous threat and the other to be a friendly person or object. You react very differently in the two situations.

Maybe free will exists in different languages, religions, or cultures?
Free will is an understandable concept when it is looked at scientifically
The human brain can process the same sensepath in different ways with very small changes in the structure of the neurons in the brain. The same brain that could do a violent act at one moment with a slight change in the brain would not do this deed a few seconds later. On the other hand it can take a great deal of change in the structure of the brain to make someone do something differently given a different sensepath.

How can god hold people responsible for their acts when there is no real free will?
Knowing that you can be punished or rewarded for what you do changes the structure and functioning of the brain leading to differnt behaviors in many cases
Free will needs to be looked at as a complex feed back mechanism. The more complex the nervous system is the more complex the modifying neural paths and feed back loops can be. Thus the more complex the behavior can be in response to slightly different sensepaths. The self conscious analysis of this complex process gives the impression of free will to the conscious individual itself

A free will cube?
Free will is a complex illusion

The seemly random effects of matter that we understand through quantum mechanics do not give conscious beings free will because if the random events of quantum mechanics are duplicated along all the others physical factors that influence the behavior of a conscious being they will still behave the same with the same consciousness and ixperiencitness. When we consider the very large continuum of possible behaviors and consciousnesses for each ixperiencitness that potentially exists, the concept of free will takes on a totally differently meaning.

Many choices lead to the same result. But many other different choices lead to many different consequences.
The shear act of saying and believing that people have free will change the structure and functioning of the brain making people act differently in the end
Knowing or thinking that you know the consequences of your actions effects or can effect your actions. Of course, you can be only partially correct in many different ways about the consequences of your actions. This incomplete or lack of information will effect the behavior in many varied ways. A conscious being might even be oblivious of their actions and results.
Should a conscious being be punished for their actions? It depends on the goals that are trying to be achieved. Are their absolute morals especially if consciousnesses can be recreated with the same ixperiencitness? For instance, awaretheory predicts that Hitler's consciousness or any conscious version of him can be recreated in many different ways by creating the correct neuropaths. He will have a different body or itobody so it will be a different person but it could have the same consciousness and ixperiencitness that he did before he killed himself. He will believe and actually be the same consciousness that existed in 1945 right before his death if one of the right neuropaths is produced. If you punish him you will be adding to the actual misery in the world. Isn't it better to recreate versions of the individuals that suffered because of hitler and let them have a better and longer life? Legally since this Hitler's consciousness and ixperiencitness is produced by a different body than the original body he would not be held responsible on the basis of being a different person.



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