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Expericontinuums and Awaretheory

The Expericontinuum concept is the idea that experiments can be duplicated over and over again at least in theory identically. But practically there is always slight to large variations in the variables involved. Every experiment is carried out in a different place and, or time. Expericontinuums are used by awaretheory to determine theoretically and practically if the ideas (predictions and explanations) in awaretheory are true, possibly true, ridiculously crazy or impossible. At best we can only construct theoretical expericontinuums, with a few or relatively few of the experiments that is contained in the expericontinuum duplicated. There are exceptions like in subatomic particle colliders where trillions of protons Or other atomic or subatomic particles are smashed together and the results are recorded as best as possible. The fact that there are so many different results means that the variables are not well defined for a construction of expericontinuums. Which leads to the probability aspect of Quantum Mechanics. Expericontinuums can be probability of variables based when there is one or more probability producing variables used to construct the epicontinuum.

Matter and energy, like this picture, is complex in its behavior and can do what appears to be magical things like producing consciousness and ixperiencitness.

A line is a continuum. A point on a line can represent an experiment where change in the placement of the point in the line is changing one or more variables in the experiment.

Expericontinuums are used by awaretheory to show that many ideas about personal identity are not rational. For instance, considering the replacement of matter experiments: How fast and how much matter can be replaced in a person before he no longer has the same consciousness and ixperiencitness produced by the body? Awaretheory predicts that it is not how fast or how much matter is replaced but maintaining the same approximate structure and functioning during the replacement process.

An expericontinuum can be imagined to be constructed in such a way that the amount of matter that is replaced in each experiment is changed and the resulting consciousness and ixperiencitness is determined while keeping all of the other factors identical. At what point does the consciousness and ixperiencitness change ? Awaretheory predicts that there is no point where there is a change in the consciousness and ixperiencitness as long as the other factors stay the same. we can consider the speed of interchange of matter. At one extreme is the instantaneous exchange of matter which like replacing one person with another. Awaretheory predicts that this different replacing person will have the same consciousness and ixperiencitness as the original because it will have the same structure and functioning of its body as the original. This is the replacement of an original with a cidentireplica experiment. This if true gives proof of multiplicity of consciousness and ixperiencitness which most people who have actually thought about it believe is not possible.

The question at what point does the original person become the other person, with a different consciousness and ixperiencitness. When we think about it a point where there is an instantaneous change between one consciousness and or ixperiencitness does not make sense. This is because the experiment can be broken down into smaller and smaller changes where the exchange in one atom makes the original a different person consciously.

The other alternative is that there is a gradual change between the original and the original made of ever increasing different matter. Experiments will show that the original will behave the same if the structure and functioning stays the same. this gives direct proof that the consciousness does not change as the mater change but this is not clear proof that the ixperiencitness is not changing as the matter changes. Awaretheory makes the prediction that the same consciousness usually has the same ixperiencitness. This may not be true but there is still the same problem as we faced with consciousness does the ixperiencitness change with the change in matter or not.? It does not make much sense that the change of one atom will make the difference in ixperiencitness. So it seems that there has to be a slow change in the ixperiencitness as the matter is replaced in the original.

We know that matter is always being replaced in the body, even bone is constantly being replaced over time. It may not be the case but we believe that this normal level of replacement does not change the ixperiencitness.



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