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Enhapaths are itopaths produced by Enhaidentireplicas.

Enhapaths is the grouping name for all the different types of enhanced paths, such as enhawarepath enhamentapath enhaphysapath and enhaphysipath.

There are man different types of enhaidentireplicas and corresponding enhapaths Some of them can include other itopaths.

Cross section at an enhapoint of a tri-inclusive enhapath.png Tri-inclusive enhapath have three itopaths of lesser complexity within the enhapath that the enhapath is aware of to some to a complete degree. The enhapath can control the inclusive itopaths by supplying them with their sensepaths or can be of a total observant nature. The inclusive itopaths can be awarepaths physapaths and the enhapath will be a corresponding enhawarepath or enhaphysapath.

The enhapath can be an enhanced version of you and the inclusive itopaths can be any regular version of you at any point in your life.

This diagram is only a very simple diagram dealing with very complex concepts.

Other major types of paths are oripaths, idopaths, coripaths, citopaths, vitopaths, fitopaths, isopaths, insipaths, enhapaths, muspaths, tritopaths, combopaths, and simipaths.

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