Consciousness ixperiencitness identity postulate

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The "Consciousness ixperiencitness identity postulate" states that identical consciousnesses will always have the same ixperiencitness.

Different versions of itomultiplicity are based on versions of this postulate. Since we can have experimental proof of this postulate it is more than just a mathematical like axiom. This postulate allows for the concept of conscious ownership. If you have ownership of a consciousness you will always experience it anytime that it is produced.

Consciousness ixperiencitness identity postulate is a simplifying concept. It simplifies for two major reasons. First, once determined, you know ahead of time and for ever what the ixperiencitness will be for any particular consciousness. In other words the ixpecontinuum / awarecontinuum mapping is not determinate of future events like it is with singularity. In singularity theories a different body has a different ixperiencitness even if they produce identical awarepaths or consciousnesses. If this were not the case singularity would be a version of multiplicity.

There can be many mappings and you will never know the list of different ixperiencits that will exits. The number of different ixperiencits is determinate on the environmental conditions creating the deaths of the persons with identical awarepaths

Singularity is based on the idea that two identical awarepaths produced by two different physipaths will have a different ixperiencitness. This is based on personal identity or body identity determining ixperiencitness.

For more information on postulates see [[1]]