Conscious ownership

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The term conscious ownership means that you will always experience a consciousness any time it is produced. Consciousness ownership is not exclusive to your present conscious perspective. This means that a version of you can also have ownership of a consciousness. If you have ownership of a consciousness you will experience that consciousness any tine it is produced by a physipath Singularity has a very limited view of conscious ownership. You only have ownership of what your body produces or the consciousness that is supposedly connected to your soul. Nonexistent theory has no conscious ownership because you really only exist within the awaremoment. Universality has total conscious ownership over all the different consciousnesses, because it, states that you experience every actual consciousness that ever has or will exist.

There can also be shared consciousness ownership of several different types.

1. A human awarepath can be part of many different superawarepaths

2. The same experience, same feeling, same emotion, and same memory can be part of many different awarepaths.