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Citomathematics is a field of mathematics that deals with cidentireplicas, It deals with the development of citoequations that relate concepts of originals, idoriginals, videntireplicas to cidentireplicas.

It represents in mathematical form the relationships of the concept of cidentireplicas to the concepts of awarepaths, physipaths, epipaths, etc. To form new mathematical terms for the new concepts of citoawarepaths, citophysipaths, citoepipaths etc.

Citomathematics is one of the areas of Itomathematics.

Orimathematics deals with the mathematics of originals. Oriequations are equations dealing with originals and how they relate to other itoidentireplicas. Orimathematics deals with the concepts of oriconstruction and mathematical representation of originals at all point on all oriawarepaths. It deals with the construction, organization and representation of oricontinuums. Orimathematics converts oriexperiments into expecontinuums showing expebounderies and expeanomalies.

Other areas of Itomathematics are: idomathematics, corimathematics, citomathematics, vitomathematics, fitomathematics, isomathematics, enhamathematics, musmathematics, tritomathematics, insimathematics, and simimathematics.